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Originally Posted by Shrike View Post
Bloody Mist is something that Kishimoto missed, but even so I am satisfied. If this flashback needed to be prolonged 3 or more chapters just on something that can be concluded by a reader, I wouldn't praise it too much either.

What's a plothole there? You can make any scenario yourself, as a reader, that works perfectly. Kishimoto didn't have to draw and write every little thing to you, you aren't 12. Nagato came to see Obito one day and talk to him after they lost too many friends of whatever, then convinced Yahiko that this guy is legit. Yahiko eventually agrees and Obito makes him found Akatsuki. Bla bla.
What?? This is a story for entertainment not a riddle. We know what happened in most cases but the entertainment is in seeing it. e.g. i want to see hashirama's fight with madara, not because i want to find out who won, but it will make me more intrested in the manga knowing that i can see things that were spoken of as legends.

I dont expect every little thing to be shown, but you are writer trying to engage the readers, then show me how the organisation that all main antagonists(orochi, pain, tobi etc.) were a part of was formed. Since you yapped about it being formed by a boy named obito without konan the right hand of the leader knowing about it.
Show me (although now irrelevant) how danzo managed to steal shisui of the flash step's eyes also Kakshi of thousand jutsu's rage against the 7 sword men since he is always cool and weve barely seen 10 of his 1000 jutsu etc.
Entertain while giving information. Dont tell me your writing a story and tell me to guess, when your at the climax and meant to be giving closure.

Nobody asked How akatsuki was formed we all assumed it was Yahiko and Nagato took over, Kishi himself brought in the unecesary notion that Obito started it, so we say,"explain yourself my good sir", he then starts the explanation and left quarter way and you say "You can make any scenario yourself". No.
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