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Re: Secret behind Obito's Kamui?

Originally Posted by jericho Uzimaki View Post
Maybe I can be of assistance.

Explaination 1:Performing

military orders are like justu. In the sense of having two parts.

A. Statement- saying what is coming.
B. execution- do what i just said.

"Forward, march!!"

BS is the ACTUAL JUTSU where Izanagi is the action.

Explanation 2: Use

Making a Pizza

Let's say I want a pizza. I can bake a pizza from scratch(certfied cook). I can put whatever I want on it and make it with no problem.

Now you want a pizza, you buy one an microwave it.

End results, mine is fresher and took experience skill. (BS)

Yours was quicker but needed no skill, only understanding.(Izanagi)

What im saying is pizza was the goal i used BS to create it from scratch and bake it you used IZANAGI to just cook it.

BS is the entire name of the jutsu, izanagi is part of it. Not all of it.

Explanation 3: Ability

BS = Mac book pro
Izanagi = ipad(new)

Accomplishes part of the goals but coupd NEVER stand up to the original, completed version.
Your analogy is good, but you made a mistake. BS was used to create your pizza but Izanagi was used to COOK IT. Its not a case of you just used BS to create the pizza from scratch and I used Izanagi to cook it, we BOTH used Izanagi in making the pizza.

Like the manga says, Izanagi is the practical side of BS, in other words, its a part of BS, not seperate from it. Furthermore, the pizza I created with Izanagi will be different and nowhere near the level of yours, that you created with BS and Izanagi. Since you're a trained chef and I can barely cook rice, you represent the Sage, and I'm Tobi and Danzou. Thus, my skill in making the pizza will pale in comparrisson to your own, even though we BOTH used Izanagi in our preparation.

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