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Re: Naruto 607

Originally Posted by DRAGONBPY View Post
Hashirama enhanced Yamato will save Naruto from Madara
I actually wrote a prediction about this...i enjoyed that one. I always thought without actually seeing Hashi again...since he was already Edo'd... I thought it would be somewhat creative if Kishi could pull it off with upgrading Yamato plus yeah saving the dude.(.talk about comrades in Konoah..they fucking sent everyone including fucking Ramen dude to fetch emo chickling Sasuke.)
It could be a last ditch effort to finally finish Madara off. Kishi is trying to build towards his climax.. I am hoping whatever he does he simply doesn't forget about him. Esp since they know where the hideout is.

The Bijuu fist bump foreshadowed the reincarnation of the Rikudo Sage within Naruto. Who knows whenever such will take place. Maybe Naruto witnesses a death of a comrade. Giving him an emotional response that may awaken the Rinnegan..Maybe near death.who knows how it will play out.
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