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Re: Naruto 607

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
WHoa whoa whoa!!! Obito was the one who fought minato as expected, but he cut his hari and no longer had on the zetsu suit so how in the fuck was he fully grown and able to compete with minato??? With the zetsu suit augmenting his physical abilities it was plausible, but without it, it's not... Kishi screwed that up big time...

and what about the mist??? How could obito regrow his hair out after cutting it, then re-cut it again when he joined akatsukai as tobi...

Fuck this is making less and less sense! Would love to see how obito got long hair and then cut it again just to be the tobi of the mist and akatsuki too...

perhaps shisui used a trasnformation jutsu to alter his appearance then used his mind control jutsu to make everyone believe he is who he claimed to be...
I tht you were a changed man, but then I read the Last stmt.. Guess not..

Yahiko was the boss, akatsuki would've never been created had he been alive.. nahato was made dumber though.. Interesting to see how an exhausted kakashi defeats tobi..
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