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Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread


Ukitake:...once again we seem to be dragging him into our conflicts, how pitiful.
Yamamoto: No, he chose the path of being a protector when he could have walked away. Since it is the physical world that would suffer the most it is fitting that its protector also be human.
Kyoraku: i don't think he would want it any different, don't you think Ukitake.
Yamamoto: If you have the resolve to protect you must have the resolve to endure and he will have to endure much. I have not left him alone in this... if he survives there are those that will rally around behind him and you must too.
Yamamoto: He will need your guidance and your support if he is to defeat Bach and his army.
Kyoraku: Yamaji, you sound as if you've already buried yourself.

Yamamoto turns his back to all 3 captains, he walks out onto the balcony once more as the bright light glares onto his face. He places his hands on the stone rail and looks out.

Yamamoto:...If he comes he will come directly for me, if he comes he will have prepared for everything, if he comes I will die...and if i die, the whole of soul society will be turned to rubble.
Yamamoto: But this must not stop you, this must not slow you down, not a tear must be shed, not a step back must be taken. Bones can be mended, stone can be rebuilt, do not think on yesterday but stand tall and true, for the peace of tomorrow will rest on you!!

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