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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The scene shows the top of the Eiffel tower. Arinasa is scouting the whole city, while Claude is looking at her.

Claude: Do you like it?
Arinasa: I love it!
Claude smiles.
Suddenly another man comes near them. A man wearing an English style suit, with a big grey beard, bald and piercing blue eyes.
Claude's state shifts and a superior smile appears on his face.
Claude: Well, well. I heard the rumors and now i get to see the man.
Arinasa turns around and makes a couple of steps back. She can feel the negative energies floating in the air.*
Man: Hello Vishnu.
Claude: I preffer Claude these days, Sigmund.
Sigmund: Of course you do. Tell me, Claude...are you going to be a problem?
Claude smiling: Why? Do you intend to make me your problem, Sigmund?
Sigmund: The girl will die. You cannot protect her from us forever.
Claude: Sigmund Freud. You really are an idiot. Do you think that you can overcome me?*
Sigmund smiles watching how the turists from the tower left, leaving them alone. He slowly takes an old pistol from his jacket.
Freud: Radium bullets. The only metal that can hurt gods. Do you want to test my aim, Claude?
Claude: Do you want to test my patience, Sigmund? Let's not make a scene here, and act like primitive humans. We are gentleman, we should be civilized.
Freud: Give me the girl...otherwise i will put a bullet in your head.
Claude: Does Grigori know that you're here?
Freud: Yes he does.
Claude: Meaning that your plan is different.
Freud: How so?
Claude smiles: Both you and Grigori are aware that you cannot take me down. The fact that you came here alone, equipped with a Radium bullet pistol, has to make me belive that you're actually here to kill me. We both know that I will break your neck the moment that the bullet is fired. And you cannot stop me. And so, one would ask himself why are you actually here. Because obviously you know that you don't stand a chance against me. Also, if you would have wanted to kill me, you would have shot now, when there are no turists here. Thus, by letting me explain the situation, you are actually stalling time. Why? To wait for the turists to get back, up here. You can take the shot when they are here, knowing that i will not kill you with people around us. So my only options would be to take the bullet or to grab Arinasa and make a dive. Jump down. So, obviously i would chose to take her and jump from the top of the Eiffel Tower. But you already know that...and most likely, down there, Grigori is setting a trap for me.*
Freud: Interesting. It seems that you've figured this out.
Claude: Put the gun down Sigmund. I will not attack you either. *Stop this. You are aware that you'll never be able to reach your target. So why do you still bother?
Freud looks at Claude and smiles. He slowly moves his finger on the trigger and just before he manages to fire the bullet Claude appears right in front of him and grabs his hand.
Claude: Don't be stupid.
Freud drops the gun and makes a couple of steps back.
Freud: We shall kill her Vishnu! You hear me?!? She is dead!
Claude smiles menacing: Trust me on this one...i will burn down the world before you manage to kill her! Got it?
Freud turns around and walks away, with Claude keeping his eyes on him.
Arinasa: What was this?!?
Claude: Sigmund Freud. One of our enemies. He is not much of a threat, but this place is too public. Otherwise...
Arinasa with a low voice: You would have killed him...

The scene it's switched. It shows Claude and Arinasa entering*Alain Ducasse’ restaurant in Paris’ Plaza Athenee hotel. Claude heads for a table filled with people. As he gets closer everyone gets up from their seats and make a small reverence in front of him.*

Claude: Arinasa. Arinasa meet Sir Isaac Newton, Nicholas Flamel, Charles Darwin, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Harry Houdini. You already know Leonardo.
Claude sits down, right in the middle, with Arinasa next to him. He adopts a serious expression.
Claude: So, gentlemen...we have to talk.*
Houdini: We have two issues to talk about. First and the most urgent...Henry's disappearence. Did anyone got anything in their search?
Mozart: I haven't been able to find a single hint about his whereabouts. I'm sorry.
Leonardo: The problem is that Grigori and Sigmund are also here, in Paris. Their aim is unknown.
Claude: I had a meeting with Sigmund on the top of the Eiffel Tower today.*
Flamel: Is he still alive?
Claude smiles: Unfortunately, i let him walk away. He had a gun with radium bullets. He was there to kill me and Arinasa. She is their target.
Newton: But why would Freud come out in the open like this?
Darwin: Probably it was a trap. I'm sure that Grigori was also lurking around.
Leonardo: Do you think that they kidnapped Henry?
Mozart: Anything is possible. Probably they already killed him.
Houdini: Unlikely. If they would have killed him, they would let us know somehow.*
Darwin: Exactly. Something like :" here, we got your man. You're not untouchable! " .
Leonardo: So we have a real problem here. What should we do?
Claude: I will also search for Henry.*
Darwin: That should help. Now...about the girl.
Leonardo: Claude already encountered Asclose and Arthur. He saved her from them.
Mozart: The Celest City sent Arthur...
Claude: It's a good thing that they didn't sent another assassin. One that could not care about destroying a city.
Houdini: What shall you do?
Claude: Well, the "shield" , Max is already with Robert. Arinasa is with me.*
Newton: Max cannot be reached while he is under Robert's protection.
Flamel: What about you Claude...can you protect Arinasa?
Claude smiles: Can i?
Flamel: You know what i mean. Can you put everything aside and do what you need to do?
Claude: What are you trying to say, Nicholas? That i'm unable to control myself?
Flamel: I find the situation...disturbing. That's why i asked you this. Afterall she is...
Claude: I don't want to hear anything about this, Nicholas. Subject closed.
Suddenly Darwin let's out a surprised sound.
Darwin: Oh!
Claude turns and watches the three men that just entered the restaurant. He gets up and greets them.
Claude: Grigori...Sigmund...
Grigori Rasputin is a tall man in his forty's with a long black beard and bald head. His eyes are black.*
Rasputin: Vishnu. What a surprise.
Claude: I preffer Claude these days, Grigori.
Rasputin: Of course. Now...let me introduce you to my friend.*
Grigori Rasputin points at a man dressed entirely in red. Even his eyes are red. Only his hair is black.
Claude's eyes are shown. A moment of shock passes through them.
Unknown man: Oh, but we already know eachother. Don't we?
Claude: Of course. Hello, Yama.
Yama: are you?
Claude: Heh...let me ask you something Yama: did the Celestials sent you?*
Yama smirks: What do you think?*
Claude: All right. I have a favour to ask you...let's not do this in Paris. It's a beautiful city. We don't need to destroy it.
Suddenly Yama gets very close to Claude's ear and whispers.
Yama: I will do this wherever i want. I shall have that girl's blood. Are we clear Vishnu? And you won't be able to stop me!
Claude smiles menacing: I'm sorry Yama Dharma...but...if i will have to stop you...i will burn down the entire France in order to save her. Are we clear enough?
Arinasa looks shocked at Leonardo.
Arinasa: I don't get it! Those are the enemies! Why are they so polite with eachother?!?
Leonardo with a tensed look on his face: You don't get it...first they are gentlemen not mindless brutes. Also, prepare yourself!
Arinasa: For what!?!
Darwin as he slowly takes out a pistol: For running. This restaurant and probably the whole Paris will became a battlefield in a couple of moments.*
Flamel as he puts on a pair of white gloves with pentagrams on them: Paris will burn tonight.*
Leonardo: Arinasa, the man in red is Yama Dharma. He is an EƤren just like Claude. And they are about to cross swords.*
Flamel: I will handle Rasputin.
Darwin: And i will take on Sigmund. The rest of you, evacuate the girl. Take her to safety.
Houdini: We shall head towards Venice. You will find us in the Palazzo Ducale. Bordeaux is no longer an option.
Newton: Then, Charles and Nicholas will support Claude. Harry and Leonardo will take Arinasa to Venice. Me and Amadeus will head for Barcelona. We shall prepare a secondary base there. In the meantime, i will give a call to Robert. He will strenghten the defences for the other boy, Max. If you do not come to Venice or Barcelona in two days...
Darwin: We are dead. And you will have to do whatever it takes to prepare Arinasa.
Mozart: Without Vishnu's aid, the war is pretty much lost.
Leonardo: There is always hope! Now prepare yourselves!
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