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Re: Fairy Tail 305

Originally Posted by Vengeance View Post

Looks to me like she's directly communicating with the rest of the team. If not then who the fuck is she talking to when saying "Everyone Spread out!!! Move to your next destination!!!"
Maybe she's just talking aloud for the same reasons millions of people yell at their TV's when they watch a sports game. Logically speaking, yelling at the TV when a football player fumbles the ball or the referee makes a bad call has ZERO influence on the game being played, but it does make the viewer feel better.

Also the author is obviously doing it as a means to explain to the reader what's happening.

Also about Jellal it doesn't matter if he lost point is he shouldn't have been allowed to compete in the first place. Again that was also cheating.
Yep, I agree with this. Having non-guild members competing is total BS. Especially a fairly powerful guy like Jellal. In sports that's called bringing in a "ringer". When I played football in high school, we played a team that cheated like that. We were in the playoffs and the opposing team (the Mount Olive, Pirates) brought in a couple of college players to play for them, and were discovered when one of their helmets got knocked off and everybody was like "Da' fuck is that guy?" We still beat them though, so it's not big deal for us, but the league went back and stripped them of every victory they (legitimately) had that season, and suspended the team for the entire next season also.

So long story short Fairy Tail should be kicked out of this competition if caught at the very least and probably disbanded considering the Magic Counsel was very close to doing it in the past. FT should be outright ashamed of themselves for even letting Jellal compete in the first place. They ought to have enough self respect to let their own members do the fighting (and get development) instead of relying on some outsider. This is one of the reasons I'm quickly losing interest in this manga.

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