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Re: Fairy Tail 305

Originally Posted by Pritha View Post
Again ppl are not looking at the bigger pic. Jellal came there for a different reason. He did not come there to win or anything. It was unlucky he got picked randomly. He was not asked to participate. If u see even when the match is going on he was out there looking for zeref. I know its wrong to bring in outside players but the reason for letting him join is obviously more imp coz of his mission. I am pretty sure master would not hav allowed him otherwise. He even apologies to the first
You know, if Jellal was really serious about looking for zeref, then he'd be in a much better position to do so by NOT competing in the tournament. He could just sit in the crowd and observe the audience for anything suspicious without the distractions of actually having to fend off opponents.

Secondly, Mystogan was the type of person that was a enigma to his own guild for the longest time. He even put his own guild mates to sleep so they wouldn't see his face. Now all of a sudden he's appearing in front of thousands of people, and putting himself in a position where his identity could easily be exposed. Way OOC!!!

Also, what do you think would happen if his mask got knocked off? He'd be done for sure AND FT was have to explain what he's doing there. It's not like he secretly infiltrated their ranks or anything. He showed up with them in open public. He's considered a dark mage right now, and anybody affiliated with him would be automatically considered accomplishes. How can a person that claims to care about Ezra, put her and her guild in jeopardy like that.

You think with all the crazy ass memory magic type techniques out there that somebody might have a lie detector ability. If so FT would be so screwed....don't drop the soap gaizs!

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