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Re: Fairy Tail 305

i will agree with u if she starts barking order again but till then its just shouts from the crowd... even 6th master was shouting at them "go and kill them" etc, etc .... what u mean is if they had responded to the cry of their guild mates it means cheating? and i had already posted the link where mavis says she had already given them the plan , there is no rule where they cant discuss strategy before entering the arena and in the very first case it was makarov who selected the team , does that mean "he gave an order" and so they cheated.
you are basing this on the only time when mavis says "go" they went but i think it was just for us and even if she had shouted it was well within the rules, otherwise they would have been disqualified for making contact with makarov when gray asks "if the condn applies to the first team as well" (the one about whoever wins can boss the loser team for a month)
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