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Re: Fairy Tail 305

Been reading the last few posts about this whole 'cheating' issue.

Now honestly from this chapter I didnt actually think Mavis was speaking directly too them, to me it was as many have said like she has had a group meeting and told everyone there tasks. But its also quite easy to get confused to as Vengence has been saying it does indeed look like Mavis gave the order to move, ( Personally I thought they were giving like a certain amount of time to wait before moving letting the other guilds make there move before Mavis strategy could be used )

Now from looking at it from both sides I think the only way to see whos right or wrong is to wait for the next few chapters, for example Jura. Mavis said that he was extremely strong and couldnt think of who to fight him, if I had to guess perhaps Laxus or Erza maybe even both, but the point I'm trying to make say Jura came into meeting Juvia, and Mavis was to say " This isnt part of the plan, Gajeel go to back up Juvia " Then yes that would mean Vengence is right on the whole cheating manner.

So its a wait and see moment.
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