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Re: Naruto_608_Predictions

Originally Posted by Narut0360 View Post
Why did you even join this forum?

I'm fine with you writing your predictions

Im even fine with your confidence in your predictions even though in my opinion They really SUCK!!!

But what i'm not fine with is YOU are totally disrespecting everyone on this forum whos been here longer than you. You need to learn Respect!!

Most people on this forum will give you that respect when you deserve it. However when you make the insulting remark that
Jericho Uzimaki Got his inspiration from "YOU" That is just Blasphemous and will not make you many friends on this forum.

AND in my opinion most people do not care if you have positive reviews outside of here and you should not be bringing them up as your defence, because now that your are here on in this forum We should be the only Judges besides yourself to give you POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE reviews that you care about.

Thank you and have a Nice Day
hmmm seem like a hater commend for me it seem.........I WAS RESPOND TO SOME PERSON WHO SAY I AM NOT GET GOOD REVIEW FOR YOUTUBE SO THERE IS A MANY RELEVANCE FOR ME TO RESPOND!!! And you say my predict suck but this is a nosense and sound like jelous hater who is angry with world problems!!! even if jericho not admit i am give him the inspire for his predicts........I KNOW THIS IS A TRUE FACT! I deserve 40% miminmum credit for every predict he make because I AM THE INSPIRE FOR IT!! LOOK FOR A CONECTION AND YOU SEE THE TRUTH LIKE SUNLIGHT THROUGH THE WINDOW!!! AND YOU SHOW ME RESPECT I AM DESERVE OF!! END OF COVERSATION!!!
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