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Originally Posted by Aman Shahur View Post
hmmm seem like a hater commend for me it seem.........I WAS RESPOND TO SOME PERSON WHO SAY I AM NOT GET GOOD REVIEW FOR YOUTUBE SO THERE IS A MANY RELEVANCE FOR ME TO RESPOND!!! And you say my predict suck but this is a nosense and sound like jelous hater who is angry with world problems!!! even if jericho not admit i am give him the inspire for his predicts........I KNOW THIS IS A TRUE FACT! I deserve 40% miminmum credit for every predict he make because I AM THE INSPIRE FOR IT!! LOOK FOR A CONECTION AND YOU SEE THE TRUTH LIKE SUNLIGHT THROUGH THE WINDOW!!! AND YOU SHOW ME RESPECT I AM DESERVE OF!! END OF COVERSATION!!!
i think madara's going to get out of the manga and come to kill or maybe to put you under genjutsu ...i really hope so
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