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Re: One piece_687

Originally Posted by Dagoro View Post
I don't agree with them being downgraded. Vergo is a beast and Zoro proved that if he wanted he could have taken down Monet with little effort from the start.

PH is a huge set up arc in my opinion, similar to W7. The SHs first serious opponent will probably be Dofla and his crew, but there should be a pit stop in wano first.
Totally agreed, Wano to return Fire Fist and son...maybe will get a little relief arc..and then on to the new world..I don't think CC will die, he will get away and tell Dofla what went down. Vergo is going down...I kinda see that...I also could see Dofla killing off CC because he failed him..Sinister shit is coming, as they say Winter is coming lol. I think Dofla in the new world will be a huge arc but one thing that has me pickled is just who will get taken down first...Dofla and his crew then Big Mom, or Sh's and Law's crew join forces to take on Big Ma'am after they beat Dofla's crew, get hurt, healed and end up facing off against Mom's crew for retaliation for what they did on FMI. anyhoo yeah Dagaro set up arc indeed and shit is about to hit a big fan...soon
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