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Re: Bleach 514

Originally Posted by Dagoro View Post
So he is part Quincy.

A hero that is everything in the series....Tite Kubo ladies and gentlemen.

Juha's exit was a carbon copy of Aizen's back in the SS arc, is it really that hard to invent something new Kubo ?
So using some pure blood Quincy Kirge unlocked Ichigo's Quincy memories....his reiatsu (spl) entered Ichigo's inner depths and activated his abilities....hmmmm so Quincy share memories..what the fuck is this D GRAY MAN..the new Noah..they share memories that Ichigo shouldn't have since he has never used Quincy gifts or has any is this memory from his mother...?? Yeah I feel you on the whole overly confident traits that are similar in Juha and Aizen...At least Aizen was way worst..he wouldn't even bother engaging in a fight due to his ability to crush anyone. Juha is the type of dude to squash anyone...This is poor development and writing at it's core. Ichigo the fucking everything man....well wonder just when the Zero Squad will show up....and mock the 13 Gotei lol.
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