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Re: Bleach 514

I felt disappointed this week… but I think maybe that that’s due to the whole Quincy mother thing having already been predicted on the forum.
Before I completely pan it I think I’ll wait until I see how Kubo tries to develop and tie in the whole backstory.

BTW, another mystery? The sidekick breaks Ichigo’s blade in one go?! Bach having a time limit, is he really gonna end up being the final badass. I hope these are all put together well!
And what the hell is going on with Aizen delaying bach??! I hope this isn't just some random crap he's adding to keep people happy that Aizen's still in the picture somewhere. If Aizens reasons for not escaping and actually helping get lost in translation THEN i'll be pissed.

anyway predic should be on its way in the fan fic section in the next few days.
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