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Re: Cherokee County teen shot by police sniper, parents speak out

Originally Posted by ask me anything View Post
Perhaps it is possible to break through security given enough time. It shouldn't be an easy task though. The safe I keep my guns locked in has a 6 digit password to open it, that I highly doubt any 16 year old could figure out. He'd have to know the last 4 digits of my military ID number, reverse them in order, and then add the year of my birth (84) on the end. No way he'd figure that out. Then once he open it, there's a smaller portable safe inside that I keep my ammo locked in. If some punk kid can figure that out, then kudos to him, but I wouldn't hold my breath.
First, let me say kudos to you for having the sense to lock both (guns and ammo) up. Not everyone has the sense to do that. And dependent upon which state you live in, you may be technically breaking a law. Can't remember which states have this law, but I do know there are several that require gun owners to store and lock away ammo in a seperate room altogether.

But I agree with both of you on the point that security is a deterrent, not a measure of prevention. That's what education is supposed to be for.
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