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Re: Bleach 514

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
If Ichigo is half shinigami and half quincy then how in the hell did he become half hollow as well as become a fullbringer as well... what is ichigo not lol....

I still want to know if ichigo can still use his badge to fullbring more power... IMO, with his fullbring power... ichigo could use his final getsuga form without losing his powers by drawing off his fullbring power to keep his raitsu from disappearing and losing his powers... and imagine of ichigo could go fully hoolofied while in his final getsu form.... he would destroy all of existence with a cough he would be so strong...
I could be wrong but he is half fullbringer/hollow because of grand fisher's attack on his mother (power-genes whatthefuckever) being transfered into Ichigo. Remember how Fullbringers come about..regular humans who's parents were infected by the hollow.
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