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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The latest chapter is up guys. Enjoy and i wait for your opinions as usually.

Chapter three: Beyonders.*

The scene shows Robert's castle in Vienna. Inside a giant, imperial room, it's a council table. The panel shows Leonardo, Houdini, Max, Arinasa, Darwin, Robert and Claude, sitting at the table.

Robert: I contacted Isaac and Amadeus. They are coming here too.*
Darwin: So...we need to talk about what are we going to do next.
Houdini: Let's evaluate the situation. First of all, while we were in Paris, Henry goes missing. He wasn't seen after that. Two days after Henry vanishes, Claude, Arinasa and Max encounter Arthur and Asclose. Claude defeats Arthur, leaves Max here in Vienna, and he comes to Paris with Max. Leonardo makes contact with Claude. At the same night when Claude arrived to Paris, so did Grigori Rasputin and Sigmund Freud. *The next day, Freud attack Claude and Arinasa, and later Yama arrives in town. Paris gets destroyed by the midnight. Nicholas Flamel loses his life. Two days later, the Palazzo Ducale in Venice, receives Arthur's visit. Robert kills Arthur. And now we are all back in Vienna. Also, Isaac and Amadeus are on their way here. So, Claude...what's the plan?
Claude looks at everyone of them before answering.
Claude: The Celest City knows that i'm not afraid of bringing down an entire city. But now, we also know that they are not afraid either. Also, because Arthur found you so fast, we can assume that we have a traitor within our ranks. Or, that they have devised another way to find out our whereabouts.*
Leonardo: Then what are we supposed to do?
Robert: Nothing. We cannot accuse anyone yet...and because of that we must wait. We will listen if Isaac and Amadeus have some news. Anyway...what should we do next?
Claude: We will prepare. In one week, we will assault the Celest City. But i will need a diversion in order to have them focused on something else, rather than me. The problem is that i can defeat each of them. But if they all come together and try to take me out as a group they might succeed.*
Darwin: So, here on Earth...we must create your diversion.*
Robert: It's a risky move.*
Claude: I know. But we have to do it.*
Suddenly a butler enters the room.
Butler: Lord Robert! We have problems! Lord Newton and Lord Mozart are coming this way! But they are followed by a large group dressed in blue! They are after them with the intent to kill!
Robert gets up and his eyes are filled with anger. But before he can leave the room, Claude places his hand on his shoulder.
Claude: Sit down, Robert. I will deal with this.*
Robert: Are you sure?
Claude smiling menacing: Oh, i'm very sure!

The scene shows Isaac and Mozart. They are in a Ferrari and driving at a very high speed. Behind them, are dashing 50 men. They are about to catch up.

Newton: There is Robert's castle! We need to hurry!
Mozart: I'm doing my best, Isaac! But this piece of crap won't go any faster!
Newton takes out a pistol and starts shooting behind the car. But his bullets miss.
Newton: Dammit! Come one Amadeus!!!
Mozart: Look ahead of you! It seems that someone is coming out!
The scene shows Claude coming out of the gates. His hair is slicked back, and he is wearing a long black fitted coat, with ragged ends. In his right hand he is carrying his sword. The wind blows stronger around him.
Isaac: That's Claude! We are saved!!!
The car passes right next to Claude and enters the castle. But he remains outside waiting for the enemy. The 50 men stop and look at Claude.
Claude: You might want to go back to the Celest City. And fast.
The scene shows everyone gathered around a giant window, inside the castle. They are all looking at the outcome of the battle.
Blue Guard man: We are not retreating. You should step aside!
Claude smiles: Step aside? Watch your mouth son.*
Blue Guard man: Heh...everyone...ATTACK!!!
The 50 men are now taking out their swords and spears and they dash towards Claude. The latter simply smiles, as he places two fingers on his blade.
Claude: Release...Sciffer...
The blade starts glowing blue, and electrical surges are running across it.
Claude: Fulgur...Incidi...
As Claude says the words, he swings his blade. And from the tip of it, a large lightning emerges. The lightning goes straight towards the group at a very high speed. Several of them try to block the attack. But they fail. Claude's lightning slashes them in half. All of them. As they are falling down to the ground, dead, Claude turns around and walks towards the castle.
Arinasa is shown with her eyes widen by the shock.
Arinasa: Did he just...
Robert smiles: Yeah..he killed them all.
Leonardo: Claude is holding in his hands great powers. He is an Eären. One of the best actually.*
Suddenly, as Claude is returning to the castle, a powerful light is seen, as an object is falling from the sky towards the ground at a very high speed. At the same moment Robert places his hand on the nearby wall, and the castle gets enveloped in a green aura. Claude remains outside of the aura, being prepared to face whatever is coming at them.
Houdini: What the hell is that?!?
Darwin: I have never seen anything like that before...
Max: It's the enemy?!?
Robert is shown with his face shocked. He cannot belive what is coming at them.
Arinasa: Robert...?!?
Robert quickly turns and looks at each of them.
Robert: Everyone...take cover. Prepare yourselves...something terrible is about to happen.
Leonardo: What is that?
Robert: That, is someone. Someone that neither me or Claude wished to ever see. I cannot belive that he is coming to Earth.
Arinasa: Who are you talking about?!?
Robert: Our worst nightmare...i have only seen something like this once. I'm afraid that if he decides to kill us, we cannot do anything to stop him.
Max: Not even Claude?!?
Robert: Claude is the most powerful Eären that i have ever met. But an Eären could never bring down a Beyonder...
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