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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The scene shows Claude waiting for the object to land. His face is filled with shock. Soon the object hits the ground. A giant explosion is seen. From the dust a man appears. An old man, with a short grey beard, long grey hair and piercing blue eyes. He is wearing an old brown robe and wields a wooden staff.

Claude: Lord Moses...
Moses: Vishnu.*
Claude: Lord Moses, what brings you here?
Moses: You.*
Claude: I'm sorry, but i don't understand.
Moses: Let me explain. The Beyonders held a council. We decided to remain neutral in the war between Eärens. But, before we assume our status, we must hear both sides stories. Because of that, i'm here to talk with you. You will explain me everything. Otherwise, the Beyonders will take action and we will destroy each and every one of you.
Claude: I understand. Then, let me explain. A Prophecy was made a long time ago. It said that one day, the Kingdom of Gods shall fall. And it's destruction will be brought by a woman. A woman that will be aided by a former God. A woman that will bring the dawn of a new era for the mankind. At first, i was against this woman. But after i witnessed the corruption that enveloped the Eärens, i decided that the Kingdom of Gods, needs a cleaning. I decided that our way of living, is holding back the greatest creation. The man. Because of that i am at war with my brothers. Brothers that are thinking the opposite way.
Moses: And, do you realise the implications of having a war with your brothers? I'm sure that none of your allied knows about you, Vishnu.
Claude: Well, Moses...they do know about the Dark General.
Moses: Stories. Legends. They never saw you. They never saw your true nature. Not even that child, Robert.*
Claude: And what should i do, Moses? I stand with my belief. Should i abandon my principles?*
Moses: Abandon your principles? Vishnu, are you aware what a real scale battle between you and the Celestials would do to the Earth? Don't be foolish.
Claude: Foolish? Don't you think that i know?
Moses: I mean that you are going to be foolish enough and became again the Dark General for her. Tell me, how many times did you released Sciffer in the last week? And how many times did you released it in the last 500 years?*

The scene shows Robert, Arinasa and the rest.

Arinasa: Sciffer?*
Robert: It's the name of Claude's sword. When he says " Release Sciffer", his internal energies are also added to the blade. Thus, the sword becames much more destructive. There are three stages to a release: the first stage that Claude has done lately, called la Tertia. It's the weakest form, and the blade only receives a portion of Claude's power. The next stage it's called Secundo. The blade receives much more of the user's power, and its distruction power it's increased. With the release of a Secundo, the user can level mountains. The last stage, that was never used on Earth, it's called Primum. The full power of the user it's added to the blade. Only a Beyonder can use the Primum. The scale of it's power is unknown to us. Vishnu can go Secundo. I saw him using Tertia, and i only saw him once using Secundo.*
Arinasa: So Vishnu cannot use Primum. But that guy can.
Robert: Yeah he can...
Max: Who is that guy, anyway?!?
Robert: He is known as Moses. He is one of the Beyonders. I'm shocked that he came to Earth only to talk.
Leonardo shocked: Moses?!? That Moses!!?
Robert: That is not the problem, Leonardo. The problem is the carefree atitude that Vishnu has with him. We might get all killed.

The scene shows again Claude and Moses.

Claude: I used only Tertia two times.*
Moses: From Tertia to Secundo it's not too much, Vishnu.*
Claude: I won't need Secundo, here on Earth.
Moses: Hmpf...Vishnu, my friend...when the last Great Council was held we decided that we won't activate here on Earth. And yet..
Claude: Keep your mouth shut, Moses. I mean it.
Moses surprised: Oh...i see. They don't know. Well, there will come a moment when you will have to tell them, Vishnu.
Claude: I know. But this is not the moment.
Moses: Listen to me. If they, the Celestials...bring back your brother...they will find out. Because if they will manage to revive will have to use that. And only a...
Claude: Again, shut up Moses. Keep this to yourself. And it won't come to that.
Moses: Let's hope so.*
Claude: You can go back to your dimension now. I consider myself warned.*
Moses: careful old friend.*
Claude smiles: I will be. Goodbye Moses.
Moses as he slowly vanishes: Goodbye Vishnu...

The scene shows Claude entering Robert's castle. Everyone comes in front of him.

Robert: May I ask...what a Beyonder was doing here, on Earth?
Claude: You may, but you won't receive an answer, Robert. I'm sorry.
Robert: Vishnu. I think that I, for least, deserve an answer.
Claude: There are things about me that you still don't know.
Robert: Like what? The fact that at a certain point, you falled into darkness and became the man known as the Dark General? That you almost destroyed everything? I know that Vishnu. I was there when you defeated the pride of Egypt!*
Claude smiles: That is not my secret. I'm sorry Robert. When the time comes, you will find out. In the meantime, i hope that you can still trust me.
Robert: I trust you Vishnu. With my life. But you will have to tell us everything. Soon. I won't insist because i'm aware that there is a reason for you keeping things from me. So i will go with your judgement.
Claude: Thank you my friend. Now...that we are all here...we should rest a bit. We will talk later.
Mozart: We agree. These days were too much for us.
Claude: Arinasa, let me show you the room. Come on.
He takes Arinasa and goes with her towards a giant bedroom. As she goes into bed, Claude resumes his habbit. He pours himself a glass of red wine, and lights a cigarette. Then he sits down in an elegant armchair.
Arinasa: You are going to guard me again?
Claude smiles: Not exactly love.
Arinasa: Then?
Claude: Just watch you sleep.*
Arinasa smiles and turns around. As she closes her eyes, Claude sighs. He starts remembering events from his long life.
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