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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Flashback. Egypt. Almost 5200 years ago.*

The scene shows a desert land. Two armies are clashing. The battle is very violent. On one side, a man with a green arm remarks himself. He is slashing enemy after enemy. On the other side, a tall young man, with black hair and piercing eyes is also keeping up. He is dressed entirely in red. *Suddenly their eyes meet. Almost instantly the other combatants make room for the two to duel. The man dressed in black comes forward. The one with the green arm comes two.

Man dressed in black: Osiris...finally we meet in battle.
Osiris: Vishnu. Or should i call you Dark General?
Vishnu smiles: Call me whatever you like, Osiris.*
Osiris: Today is a good day.
Vishnu: For what?
Osiris: For your blood to be spilled.*
Vishnu laughs: I'm sorry Osiris. Do you really think that you can defeat me?
Osiris: Why not? You're a mere Eären. While i am a Beyonder.
Vishnu: You know that you cannot release your full powers on Earth.
Osiris: Tertia will be enough for scum like you.
Vishnu: Then...Osiris...why don't you take a shot at me?*
Osiris reveals his curved blade. He places his palm around the blade as he whispers.
Osiris: Release...Deiphyna!
Vishnu smiles as he takes out his own blade and places two fingers on it.
Vishnu: Release...Sciffer.
As Vishnu talks, his own blade gets surrounded by electrical surges.
Osiris: A lightning user. Impressive. But i am afraid that your lightning is no match for my powers.
Vishnu smiles: Are you sure?
Osiris impales the ground with his sword.*
Osiris: Mortem! Da mihi sacrificium vestrum!
As Osiris says the incantation, from the ground fallen warriors of his army are rising. Soon, an army of dead people is standing between him and the Dark General.
Vishnu makes a swing with his sword.
Vishnu: Fulgur! Incidi!
He releases a powerful lightning bolt, that cuts in half all the zombies. But quickly, they simply regenerate.
Vishnu thinking: So...they can regenerate from my attack. That isn't good.
Just as he was thinking about this, Osiris appears next to him and attempts a slash. Vishnu barely has time to block it with his sword. Osiris makes a step back, and tries another swing. Vishnu parries it, then he spins, kicks Osiris in the chest and tries to impale him. But just as the blade was coming closer to the enemy, a zombie appears in front of Osiris and takes the blow.
Vishnu: Dammit!
Osiris quickly gets up and screams.
Osiris: You cannot kill the dead ones, Vishnu!!! You will die!
Vishnu thinking: No choice left here...
Vishnu: Fulgur! Magna Adtonitus!!!
From the sky several giant lightning bolts are coming. They strike all over the battlefield, hitting many of Osiris's dead soldiers. Vishnu uses the momentum and points his blade at Osiris.
Vishnu: Fulgur! Lancea!!!
Vishnu shots from the tip of his blade, a single thin lightning towards Osiris. The lightning hits the man right in his shoulder and pins him to the ground. But he quickly frees himself.
The battlefield is in chaos. Lightnings are still striking the zombie army, keeping them away from Vishnu.
Osiris: What's's enough...
Osiris places three fingers on his blade. He starts leaking massive energies. Green energies.
Osiris: Deiphyna...Secundo release!!!*
Slowly Osiris's blade wraps around his green arm. The blade vanishes completely, and the man's arm now is metal green. Vishnu watches calmly the development.
Osiris: I cannot belive that you pushed me to use this...
In a matter of moments, all the ressurected bodies disappear. Osiris is now ready to go all out with Vishnu.
Vishnu: A Secundo's been a long time since i fought against something like this.
Osiris grins: Aren't you going to use your Secundo? Or do you belive that you can stand against me with your Tertia?
Vishnu smiles: Please...what could you do?
Almost instantly Osiris appears behind Vishnu. He tries to land a punch but the young man is faster. Vishnu manages to block the punch with his blade. When Osiris's hit and Vishnu's blade make contact the hell unleashes. Their clash causes a giant explosion. An enourmous green dome, striked by lightnings expands from the two. The dome destroyes everything on a radius of two miles. As the dust clears up the panel shows Osiris holding his green arm. Blood is coming out of it.
Osiris thinking: Not only that he managed to block my Secundo by using a Tertia...he also injured me! A mere Eären!!! It cannot be possible!!!
The scene shows Vishnu. His upper clothes were destroyed. He takes off the ruined shirt and throws it away. Except for that, he has no noticeable injuries. He is shown smiling.
Osiris: How did you survived this?
Vishnu: I am the Dark General. They don't call me their leader for nothing. I rule over powers that are beyond your comprehension, Osiris.*
Osiris shouts: I am a Beyonder!!! A mere Eären shouldn't be able to block my Secundo!!!
With those said, Osiris releases a great deal of energy and thrusts his hand into the ground.
Osiris: This time...i will kill you!!!
From the ground giant pillars of green energy emerges and are headed towards Vishnu. As the last pillar is about the strike him, Vishnu simply cuts it in half with his sword.
Osiris smiles.
Osiris:'s more about you than it meets the eye.
Vishnu: Apparently.*
Osiris: Secundo...Deiphyna's rage!!!
Osiris releases from his palm a giant green beam at Vishnu. The beam is moving at a very high speed, leaving no time for the young man to dodge it.
Vishnu thinking: Only one chance!!!!
He charges his sword with electricity and clashes it with the beam. For a moment he looks like he managed to overcome it, only for the beam to completly envelop him in the next second. A never seen before explosion occurs. The ground is filled with green flames. As the smoke clears out, the scene shows an injured Vishnu standing on one knee.
Vishnu thinking: Dammit...that green beam was too much...
Osiris appears in front of him.
Osiris: the power of a Beyonder. My power. You cannot defeat me, Vishnu...
Vishnu smiles and places two fingers on his blade.
Vishnu: Sciffer...Secundo release...
With the words said, Osiris quickly jumps back. Vishnu starts shaking. From his body giant bolts of lightning are released into the sky. The wind starts blowing harder and harder. The scene shows an entire changed Vishnu. The Secundo release changed his appearence. He is now wearing a long white coat, with a gold line in the middle of it. He is also sporting white pants and boots, and golden arm guards. His hair has white stripes. But his eyes are shocking. Their brown color vanished and made room for a yellow patter with the lightnings focused around a black middle point. His eyes are filled with anger, determination and superiority.
Osiris shocked: What...what is this form?!?
Vishnu: This is my Secundo release. My Tertia allows me to exert my lightning control through my blade. Now i don't need my blade to direct an attack. Also, with my Secundo release, my wind bending affinity becames more obvious. Prepare yourself Osiris...i'm coming...
The scene gets very confusing. Vishnu vanishes from Osiris's sight. The latter doesn't even have time to react. He stares at the afterimage left by the young man. Vishnu appears 10 meters behind Osiris, while he holds his blade raised. Blood is seen on the tip of it. Osiris looks down at his stomach. Suddenly blood bursts out. Vishnu gave him a fatal blow in a fraction of a second. The god falls down on his knees barely breathing. He struggles and managed to place his fingers on the green arm.
Osiris barely speaking: iphyna...Pri...Primum relea...
But he doesn't get the chance to finish the release. His head rolls down from his shoulders. The scene shows Vishnu back in his initial position. He decapitated Osiris with only one move. The panel shows only his focused, merciless eyes. He killed a Beyonder without a flinch.*
The panel shows a kid that watched the scene. His eyes are widen by the shock. Suddenly Vishnu lands exactly in front of him.
Kid: The Dark General...Lord Vishnu...
Vishnu spots the kid and looks at him.
Vishnu: What's your name kid?
Kid: I'm sorry Lord Vishnu. I cannot answer that question.
Vishnu is shown smiling: Are you hiding your identity from me?
Kid: No, my Lord. But i don't have a name. I'm sorry.
Vishnu: Would you like a name?
Kid: For what my Lord? My life is bound to slavery. What use would a name do to me?
Vishnu: What can you do?
Kid: Me? Everything. I learned everything that a slave can do.
Vishnu: Then why are you here? Slaves are kept in the camp to work, not sent to the battlefield.
Kid: My masters sent me here because they want me dead.
Vishnu: I don't understand. It wouldn't be easier to kill you if they want you dead?
Kid: They are afraid of me...of what i can do.
Vishnu: And what can you do?
The kid kneels and places his hands on the ground. Slowly a thin tree root emerges from the earth. The root grows stronger and stronger as the kid focuses more. Sweat appears on his forehead.
Vishnu: Interesting.*
Kid: What do you think my Lord?
Vishnu leans forwards, grabs the kid's hand and looks at him.
Vishnu: From this day on, you will come with me. I will train you and i will show you how to master your power. You are not a slave anymore. Your new life starts right now.
Kid shocked: My new life?!?
Vishnu: Exactly. Your new life. And you must receive a name...hmm...i shall call you Robert!
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