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Re: Bleach 514

Originally Posted by kael03 View Post
I have an answer to both of these posts, since they ask the same thing. Quincies are humans with the ability to manipulate spirit particles and fight hollows. They age the same way as humans, since they are human. Juha Bach is a Quincy, which means he is a human. That "time limit" that was mentioned by the side kick could be whatever allowed Juha Bach, a human, to live for over 1000 years.

If anyone here (aside from ACT) has read the Mistborn Trilogy, the idea is similar to how Sazed believed the Lord Ruler lived for 1000 years.
Nice Link up there. It is a good way to set things up.

I wonder though...Could Bach really be the final (main) Villain? I Mewan we've barely seen him and yet we're already being shown his weaknesses.
He's restricted by something else, He can be affected by Aizen.

BTW the fact that Aizen could affect his perception of time...Does this mean that he at some point has seen Aizen's shikai??
As far as i'm aware Aizen's Shikai was the only way he had to influence people's perceptions of reality.
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