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Re: Naruto_608_Predictions

Originally Posted by apacolypz View Post
Well with Yamato being the sole person to accept Hashi's mokuton traits I feel he will have a greater part to this climax. Yes he is a test subject who's only importance is the fact that Oro supplied his genes with Hashi cells. No he isn't really needed in the fight against Obito...he could be useful in assisting Naruto..This is the longest Naruto has ever went without true supervision/Sempai lectures. Is this to say Naruto has surpassed his mentors and teachers..well yeah but it doesn't mean his Masters have squat left to show for. Yamato was never given any serious action. We have never seen him really dump out his limit. Though why would we need to when we have Obito and Madara using Mokuton. Kishi kinda dug himself a hole with this one. Anko is still knocked out..and the Aburame clansman was killed off..So who knows exactly when the rescue will come. If he could fuse with the Shodai or absorb more of his genetic makeup he would def be more of a threat against Madara. It is just funny ..Madara says the only person capable of beating me is Hashi..and all we have right now facing him is Naruto, Bee, Kakashi, and Gai....I think what ever support they needs to get there fast.
Most Jounin teachers have been left in dust, sans Gai and Kakashi. Yamato is not a Senju (unless we haven't been told so hitherto) and I cannot see him using Hashirama's powers to even substantially hinder Madara, let alone match him. Madara was OP already without Hashi's DNA and the only reason we can conclude that he can fight so well with it is the lineage of the SOSP. Naruto has to beat Madara himself, as impossible as it may sound. There is no one else who has the sheer power to even trouble Madara in the least. This is the man who laid waste to all 5 Kages singlehandedly. Kinda makes me wonder how OP Hashirama was himself.

The whole series is like a redundant irony. With the powers the Uchiha had at their disposal, their annihilation seems meek at best and poorly forethought at worst. This includes techniques like Izanagi and Izanami which, unlike with the Mangekyou Sharingan's mention with only a handful of Uchiha, were not as rare and were said to have been used during wars... thereby leading one to question the simplicity and ease with which they whittled away.

Then again, not much in this manga seems to make sense anymore, so we never know.
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