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Re: Naruto_608_Predictions

Originally Posted by Wolverine View Post
Yeah, while we all had foreseen Sasuke fighting Naruto in this war, I don't really see a point to it anymore. If Naruto can beat Madara, then Sasuke doesn't stand a chance. Though that possibility seems debatable at best currently.

Obito shouldn't be swayed. It might be possible keeping in line with the pattern of this manga, but he really shouldn't. He has caused far too much grief to be changed. He should just be killed, and I can really see that happening since his fight is with Kakashi and not Naruto, who has been assigned to fight with a zombie, so it's not like rainbow talk will solve anything.
I would agree that he "shouldn't" be swayed but we know Kakashi will say something along the lines that will give him a different perspective ....of reality, of true friendship, shit even clarification for what happened to Rin.. I can already smell the sappy shit.."WHAT HAVE I DONE?" "WHO AM I?" "WHAT HAVE I BECOME?" Obito is kinda written to be an older flawed and broken version of it Kishi's will to shit on another hopeful dreamer...I expect his death to be smooth and by Kakashi solely..but they will have an exchange of sweet pastry words...probably on his last leg he will do something to aide Naruto..seeing himself in Naruto..a reflection of who he used to be...I am calling it now...That sweet talk shit aint working with Madara...he will kill you right after you present him with fresh Baked goods... "btw what is up with Jap mangas always giving pastries as ways to win people over..??" D GRAY MAN KILLS IT LOL
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