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Re: Naruto_608_Predictions

i dont know y this turned into a discussion forum but sry to pitch in myself. I know madara told tht hashi is the only one who can beat him but seriously he hasnt fought with anyone in a very long time. and he cant possibly discard someone who had tamed the damn fox + he also has the power of other bijuus. I think we can safely say that this fight is a step closer to naruto vs sasuke fight. its like an appetizer for fighting a sharingan user.

Edit : I know it will be good to watch kakashi and obito fight but kakashi doesnt stand a chance at all (unless ofcourse he has FTG) because it was thanks to FTG that minato succeeded in his fight with obito. All obito has to do is warp kakashi into the other dimension and thats it for all.

Sarcasm : If he does warp kakashi, kakashi will train the clone inside the dimesnsion so that naruto reaches another level while fighting with madara LOL.

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