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Re: Naruto_608_Predictions

Originally Posted by Pritha View Post
Ya i think kishi just lost his plot .... something went way wrong in the middle and he is trying so much to fit the puzzles
I wish he would clear some things up..Like if he said he wanted to do this this this and this but the publishers and editors suggested that that that and would make me appreciate at least his effort to make this the once awesome manga part one started out to be. Right now I just figure Kishi is snorting shit and writing shit and shitting on this manga so hard I have lost interest in it...and just looking forward to the finale. He could of made us die hard fans again if he continued to write as he promised when ending off Nagato round 2. To make part three even better than the past two shits he killed off. Kakashi-no chakra, Guy only move left is a death Kage level jutsu, Naruto fighting to save the world but has yet evolved to his final form, Sasuke-ain't nobody heard from him, check milk or sake bottles...Obito-started out revealing and showing hints Tobi was Obito. then switched, switched and switched some more to the point who the fuck cares...-Madara is such a broken villain it shames me...God like and immortal and never runs out of breath lol, this manga has turned into a nightmare. Kishi hopefully will come back from his break and give us some solid chapters like he did many months ago when starting part 3. Until then...i will watch the shit hit the fan.
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