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Re: One piece_687

Originally Posted by Pritha View Post
Oda really gets us thinking.... but just one thing... i think DoFla is wrking aainst the govt . I think he is as powerful as a yonkov and so if smoker actually treads into his territory it will only help the WG. Otherwise, yes if Dofla comes to VP it would be incredible to watch

Edit: Aokiji always had a soft heart. He let Robin escape when she was a kid, he respects his comrades. Basically he is a good guy. ( Its just so ironic, to say some one from WG is actually a good guy. I appreciate Oda in this particular matter. He writes this manga to such an extent that we can say the WG has something fundamentally wrong with it )
I am calling it now...Like the generation before them...Garp chased after Gold D Roger...they befriended each other to the point Garp had respect for him. Roger had enough respect for Garp to plead and beg him to watch over his child.

The same just different plot points will take effect with our current Pirate Era. Smoker will chase Luffy to the far ends of the Earth, Befriend him, hell join him. I was always trying to wonder who would be the "Raleigh" of Luffy's crew...could it be Smoker? Zoro? Luffy needs a big second in command. Though Oda hints at Zoro being the second strongest. Zoro even says I think after Luffy beat CC "if Luffy didn't beat him he would have to step down as Captain." (could of been another fodder foe).

Smoker is basically building his career off Luffy. Not only that Luffy has become his main target. As the moniker says he has let his prey escape multiple times now..the white hunter certainly wants to settle things....After Luffy beats him I am sure Luffy will ask him to join. He already has shown such excitement to see Smoker/Law upon their little reunion. Once Smoker realizes just what Luffy is about he will be put in a tense situation..probably the coming war between Dragon and WG.

Luffy will also be put in the middle of it I am sure....Dragon's revolution and Luffy's adventure will take a crazy collision.

anyhoo ranting due to boredom...anyway think imma watch some wipeout and call it quits..
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