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Re: Secret behind Obito's Kamui?

Originally Posted by minato uchiha View Post
Ok, lets put this to the test. Your body is BS and your arms and legs are Izanagai. Are they seperate because they have their own names or are they part of the body as a whole?
I get what you're saying and agree with it. However, if someone had to refer to your hands, you'd still call them 'hands' and not 'body'. No one is debating that they're a part of it. Just that he have a separate identity.

However, applying that logic to this world doesn't quite work out the same way because even slight nuances in application or characteristics are enough to deem the entity as having a separate identity... enough to stand alone.

The nuances in characteristics mean that the final application serves a different purpose. Izanagi turns a genjutsu into reality and BS is used ultimately to create.

One other difference that can be noted is that Izanagi is used on oneself in all instances that we've seen, while BS isn't like that.
The fact that Izanagi now has a name, doesn't make it seperate from BS. It was always there and was a CRUCIAL part of BS. It just so happens that centuries later, the Sage's descendants will have access to a diluted and weaker version of a jutsu, the Sage used when performing BS.
Dude, by separate, I meant that it has a separate identity from BS, just like the fingers in your hand are called fingers and not hand, even though they're a part of it.

Izanagi was one part of the jutsu that the sage used. It is not the same. At least that is what I was trying to prove at the start. At this point I'm not even sure what we're debating since we do actually concur in a part that Izanagi ALONE was not what the sage used. Banbutsu Sozo is a two part process, a part of which is what Izanagi is derived from, but the jutsu itself is incomplete without the second part. That is why I said that Izanagi is derived from one half of Banbutsu Sozo.

Ultimately, the reason I deemed Izanagi as a separate identity is because it is one half of BS and needs an identity by itself. You cannot call it, 'the first half of BS'.
Lol, its good that ppl can disagree without flaming. I respect you for that Wolverine
Lol, thanks man. It's not my style to needlessly flame. Doesn't serve any purpose other than setting up a precedent for degenerated arguments and predetermined perceptions.
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