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Originally Posted by CrustaceaN View Post
I'm not one for the Zoro-fandom(badum tss), but I think if Zoro imbued Haki with one of his Super Slashes, the Lab would have no roof therefore making it easier for Shinokuni to roam free.
Originally Posted by Dagoro View Post
Fights inside the lab are small scale for that exact reason. If the SHs cut loose the lab would be scrapped in seconds.
Agree with you guys, but oda has been hyping zoro for too long now. I mean defeating a logia effortlessly without even using haki would have been unthinkable pre-TS. Lets hope he gets the fight he deserves soon.

Originally Posted by J-man123 View Post
Enel would beat everyone but Luffy if he had more experince with arnament haki and rubber he would be next to un beatable
no chance man, except for moria, possibly every single pre-TS shichibukai would defeat or draw with Enel. Navy admirals and yonkou would just chew on him and spit him away..
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