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Re: Naruto_608_Predictions

Chapter continuation 609-Meet the Dark Knight of Hell

As Madaras Susanoo rises to towering heights the scene switches to Sasuke who is traveling with Orochimaru, Suigetsu and Juugo. They are running through a deserted forest as Sasuke makes an impromptu stop. Orochimaru: Why here? As he comes to a halt before the young Uchiha. Sasuke eye balls Orochimaru and nods his head. Orochimaru: Well it's your choice. He bites his thumb and draws a design on his forearm. Orochimaru: Summoning Jutsu: Reaper seal Death God! As the curious Sasuke looks on he sees a ghostly figure start to take form. Death God: To forcefully summon me to this reality..Who do you think you are? Orochimaru: Simply put..introductions are not necessary, you have something that belongs to me and me alone...Sasuke: Before we start there, is it possible to bring back entities that you have consumed? Death God: You expect me the grand Shinigami to do any of you mortals a favor? Sasuke: What if someone was aiming to also do away with your would you answer? There is someone here who even you would find terrifying. Death God: I fear no mortal let alone any son of that cursed Saint. Sasuke:??? Orochimaru: I will have what is mine! Death God turns toward Orochimaru just then Sasuke intervenes. Sasuke: What if I beat you in a contest would you at least listen to our words? Death God: Foolish child! I have seen this world crumble over and over again. The issue is not with your swords or is the heart of humans that is corrupt. Since you somehow managed to summon me. I will adhere to your wish...I will defeat you here and now and return to my world of darkness and peace.

Sasuke removes the shirt sleeves from his shoulders, as he slides them down he grips his sword. Sasuke: I will not hold back! Death God: You'd better not!
Death God pulls a huge curved black blade out with a silver tipped finish from his belly. As he licks it black markings appear all over it. Death God: I will forewarn you! This is a sealing blade.. the strongest of it's kind. With a just a touch I can seal any part of you it connects with. Sasuke: Like that will matter you won't lay a finger on me! Sasuke takes off in full form. His body encased in dense ration chakra. Suigetsu: He already learned how to use the Raikage's technique? Juugo: I have a bad feeling about this.(As he takes to a higher ground.) Orochimaru: Well well, this is not expected but not warranted. I will watch and see just how much my prized pupil has grown. (smirking wildly)

Sasuke speed darts towards the Death God. Death God prepares a lung towards Sasukes sternum with his blade pointed straight. Sasuke activates his sharingan and ducks just a millisecond before the blade is about to strike him. He pulls out his own blade also covered in vibrating ration chakra. As his blade runs against that of the Death God we hear a tiny suction noise. Sasuke's eyes widen when he notices his precious chakra being consumed by the sealing sword of the Death God. Death God: ANYTHING IT TOUCHES! As he swipes his blade upward right getting close to Sasukes neck, Sasuke parries his attack as he turns his waist left. Sasukes dodges back and throws out dozens of ration shurikens and kunais. Death God: Your nature manipulation far exceeds the typical shinobi. Sasuke: tcht,, Thanks! Death God: Don't get cocky boy! He pulls off the beads around his neck and swings them in a circular fashion. The spinning beads form a black shield protecting his body from the incoming attack. As the bright shuriken stars impact his shield he takes his free hand and forms another shield. Sasuke:?! The very same shurikens Sasuke threw at him he reversed the target. Sasuke stands solid as if he has no care about the incoming threat. Sasuke: Talk about childish, Sasuke forms a Susanoo covering that thwarts the stars from harming him. Death God: Mortals of your lineage claim this to be the ultimate defense...humph let us test this theory. Death God starts to pump out immense levels of chakra. Sasuke: His chakra is as black as my flames. Just what is he? As the chakra takes on a menacing form around the Death God. His head is covered in the skull of a bull. He has bone platelets formed all down around his body. His body is reversed as his muscle tissue lay on the exterior of the body. The chakra has formed a black cloak around the open flesh and bones. (kinda like Lord Zedd) Sasuke: YOU'RE AKUMA!

Death God: The name given to me by him....Come...child...lets get serious! He vanishes from Sasukes sight. Sasuke protects himself, while guarded he looks out for Akuma. Akuma: If you can't follow me, how do you expect to defeat this infamous being you speak of. Sasuke follows the voice and notices a blade coming up from the his very shadow. Akuma: It is good that you noticed, because I was about to castrate you. Would you not expect this from the Grand Shinigami? Sasuke: So it seems you have some tricks as well. That is good, up until that point I was worried....IF YOU WOULD LAST! A huge burst of chakra shoots out from Sasuke. As it races outward we see a grimm figure take foot. Sasuke smirks as his Susnaoo roars! Akuma: So it seems I will get to test your defense capabilities. Sasuke notices black flames of chakra around his feet. Sasuke: hmmm

Sasuke: Let us test your reflexes. His Susanoo shoots out multiple disks and arrows aimed at his mid section. Akuma: DAMN THEY ARE FAST! Suddenly he has again vanished from sight. Sasuke: It is not space time isn't even speed step. Akuma: Still can't figure it out huh brat? Akuma appears to the right blind spot of Sasuke. As Sasuke attempts to turn his head he uses one of Susanoo's arms to swing backward. Akuma: Shadow Vortex! He creates a huge black vortex that slices the arm of Susanoo right off. Sasuke: A vortex that cuts like a blade? The arm as it hits the ground disperses away. Akuma: Children of the savior....what this all you're capable of.. Hiding in that mass of chakra. Will it be enough to protect your head? Instantly another Akuma comes up from the ground up and attempts to cut the head from Sasukes body. Sasuke: Just what the F...He jumps out from Susanoo back trailing. As Sasuke manuvers back Akuma shoots out on the offense. He attacks heavy with powerful thrusts of his blade. Sasuke: He is absorbing my chakra by every connected swipe. I can't keep this up this way. Akuma thinking,( this is it, now I have him out of his comfort zone.) He taps his blade and it becomes two just as Sasuke prevents one slash by parrying it away from him. The two meet again and lock swords. Sasuke: You're pretty good with a blade. Akuma: Thanks kid, I only wish I could say the same. Akuma with precision wraps his blade around Sasukes tilting it up into the sky free. He takes the other blade and stabs Sasuke deep in the shoulder. Sasuke: I COULDN'T FOLLOW HIS ATTACK? Sasuke has a worried look on his face...a look that has Orochimaru standing to his feet. Sasuke looks over and notices his entire right shoulder is gone. Akuma: Pity, I really enjoyed this little exchange. Sasuke looks up and his EMS eyes pierce through Akuma. Akuma: This kid won't let up, (smirks) Well I guess you're gonna enjoy the underworld. Sasuke: I will, when I get there....Genjutsu! Akuma grabs his forehead as he falls to one knee. Akuma: Incredible! To able to put me even for a split second under the heavenly illusion. Sasuke: I figured that but how will you stand this? Amaterasu! Distracted by a mere split second Sasuke engulfs his target under the viscous flames of hell. Akuma screams in agonizing pain. Sasuke: Do you give up? Akuma: Not at all, he rises to his feet and simply consumes the flames. That was HOT! Akuma starts to walk toward Sasuke. Kid you have no other tricks left. This is the end. Suddenly a long ration covered pole impales Akuma through the forehead. We see four more ration stakes pierce his body all over.

Sasuke: Does the inside of your body work the same? Up until a few moments ago I started to realize just how your body worked. Akuma who stands frozen listens as the voice gets closer and closer. As he is facing Sasuke another Sasuke approaches from his backside. Akumamuttering) A ration clone....simple tricks....
Sasuke: This very trick won me the match. You used shadows to transfer yourself to. At first I thought it was a space time technique. I realized when you came from under me, both times you were within my shadow and that of Susanoo's. Also you said anything that touches you will be sealed and consumed..That did not include your insides...As you would be sucked into nothing from your core. You were able to injure me terribly, but your over confidence cost you this bout. Akuma: Starts to form a smirk. A deal is a deal. Sasuke removes the blades from his body. As the gaping hole in Akuma's forehead starts to close. Akuma: To think a descendant of my father could best me...This world is full of surprises

Sasuke stops in mere shock from the Shinigami's words...

Next time....the truth behind the very beginning of the Ninja world.

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