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Re: One piece_687

That's if Enel were in the Blue Sea.

You have to consider all the factors of a bounty, not merely strength.
A bounty is how much(beli-wise)of a threat someone is to the WG/Marines.
Also Enel was an asshole-control freak who El' Thor'd what ever he liked.

I posed a question awhile back, Kuzan vs Enel.
Enel would get his ass raped thoroughly by Kuzan.

I don't think he'd be that Strong the way he was if he were to appear in the NW.

For the Enel Fangirls - There's a theory going around that Raijin Island's weather is due to Enel destroying his home, Birka(a sky island), and that it was possibly located right above Raijin Island. Now if you consider that PH's weather is half Chill Chill and half Magmatic, Enel may have some of the best DF control ever seen.

My Opinion: Enel is overrated.
Sanji would own him.

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