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Re: Naruto_608_Predictions

Jericho Prediction


Naruto 611 -12

"Final Stage"

Madara, "this generation does have it's surprises. What you lack in power that is."

Naruto, " what are you saying that all the ninja of your were like you?"

Madara, " no of course not, me the Senju Hokages and a few others were quite a measure above our peers."

Madara begins to go Ultimate Susan'oo.

Naruto, "dammit, what now?!"
Begins dodging the attacks of the Susan'oo.*

Kurama, {how are you gonna get thru this one?}*

Naruto, { what?! Now it's all up to me? I thought we were partners?!}

Kurama, { well I guess I could train you, you use some of my jutsu.}

Naruto dodging and tossing a rasengan at the Susan'oo, {what, you know jutsu?! I don't have tine for training anyway!}

voice from off panel, " we are here Naruto!"*

It is Hinata with the Alliance.

Naruto, "alright guys!"*

Suddenly a huge Boulder slams into the Gedo. Akamichi clan is attacking it, with their body enlargement jutsu.
A swarm of insects cover the Susan'oo completely.

Shino, " go everybody, tell your insect friends to drain every single ounce of chakra!"

Madara, "it figures that clan would still be around, annoying."

As the Susan'oo cones down *a figure descends upon Madara with great force causing a huge crater.*

As the dust clears we see the Raikage with Oonki on his back.

Naruto, "grandpa Raikage and old man Tsuchikage!?

Begin Naruto, " we made a promise. Just cause the location changed doesn't mean the promise does!"

Tsunade, *Gaara, and Mei are here as well.

Naruto, " well then *i will let you handle him. i will help with the big statue thing!"

Sakura from off sides, "where is Kakashi Sensei?"

Lee, " yea and Gai Sensei?!"

Naruto is about to answer when.

Kakashi appears with Guy, " someone call us?"

Kurama, {let me talk} "you Kakashi , we will not win this unless Naruto is trained to use my jutsu and that of the Rikudo. The ten tails is within moments *of completion."

Kakashi, " what do u want me to do?"

Kurama, " give me time, i need time."

Kakashi, " I will do my best, uhm Kurama...right?"

Naruto, {what is this training?!}

Kurama, {make as many clones as you can, in here.}

He makes 1000 clones.

Kurama, {lets's get started.}

The Alliance is struggling to contain the huge Gedo Mazou.

Everyone is doing there beat against Madara as well.*

Mei, " we aren't fairing any better this time than last time."

Oonki, " we must not give up!"

Gaara, " yes the Hokage has given us all a second chance, do not waste it!"

Raikage, "right, she gave me more than just a second chance!"

He charges full speed towards Madara.

Raikage(w/ a regenerated hand), *"secret jutsu:flash bang, doujutsu blindness!"

Susdebly a flash of lightning strikes Madara's eyes.

Madara, "What is this?!"

Raikage, " a jutsu if the cloud, a secret jutsu developed when we acquired doujutsu info from the Leaf a while back."

Tsunade, " is that so? Were gonna talk later about this right?"

Raikage slightly smiling, " of course. It blinds the Sharinghan and Byakugan, long enough for us to defeat you."

Gaara, " desert burial!"

The ground begins swallowing Madara. Suddenly sand begins wrapping around hi arms as well.

Mizukage, " lava pool!"

She spews lava into the same are Madara in sinking.

Oonki, " be careful he may have tricked us again!"

Gaara, " i spread my sensing sand into the air when we were approaching, it is him in there."

Kakashi, " good job Kages!"

The ten tails let's out a roar.
It sends all the ninja attacking it flying back.

Gai, " we're no done yet Kakashi!"

The sand is wrapping around Madara. Several ninja are approaching to place a seal in him.

Madara, " good play, Kages."



A huge storm of lightning strikes sending all the ninja back and Disturbing the sand around*

The ten tails fully awakens gaining flesh and cloth, completely breaking the stone *prison.

We see the smoke from the lightning strikes clear.

Sasuke and Hawk are standing there in front if Madara.

Tsunade, " Sasuke?!"

Oonki, " boy, do you realize what your doing?!"

Sasuke, " yes, getting answers."

Kakashi, " is that...?!"

Orochimaru is behind Madara placing a tagged kunai into the back of his head.

Orochimaru, " don't blame poor Sasuke, this is a deal we made on the way to get him answers to his questions."

Madara is covered slightly by Gaara's sand but can't stop Orochimaru, " don't dare try too...."

Orochimaru, " too late."

Suddenly Sakura goes to Naruto an snaps him out of his *training trance.

Naruto, " Sakura, i just started i' m not done yet!"

Sakura pointing, " look, it's Sasuje he is with Orochimaru and they have Madara!"

Naruto going RS, "what ..."

He appears tackling Sasuke an knocking Hawk back.*

Sasuke on his back, {i didn't even see him til he was on top of me!}

Naruto jumps off put uses a chakra hand to pock Sasuke up and pit him in the air, "what the hell are you doing with Orochimaru, how is he back?!"

Sasuke, changing to EMS, "put me down loser!"

As his eyes turn EMS, Naruto sees this a chakra hand comes from the one holding Sasuke and covers his eyes.

Sasuke, " dammit, get off!"

Juugo and water boy cone to hus aide but...

Two hands cone from Naruto's back with rasengans taking Juugo out and a another with a planetary rasengan drawing Sugetsu's body into a swirl.

Orochimaru, "let's have some fun."

Suddenly a figure lands on the battlefield.

A voice, "yes let's have some fun."

Madara looks on at the new arrivals and flinches slightly. *

Orochimaru smiles, " well, well."

We see Kabuto and Izuna in his Uchiha clan garb.

A snake suddenly comes over to Naruto and Sasuke it spits out the scroll Sasuke had.

Naruto, "what is this?"

We see the Alliance behind Kabuto, Orochimaru with Madara and the ten tails in the *background.

Kakashi, " everybody get out if here, there is nothing you can do!"

Gaara, " yes, everyone go!"

Kakashi uses FTG to grab Sasuke and Naruto, then disappears.*

Izuna looks at the ten tails, " brother, you did this?"

Kakashi returns.

Oonki, " General Kakashi, take the other *Kages out of here.

Raikage, "take them, they have youth and Lady Tsunade *is still needed."

Tsunade, " Kakashi, don't you..."

Before she can finish ten tails attacks and Kakashi takes the Kages out leaving Raikage and Oonki. To be there to with stand the blow from the Ten Tails.

Izuna shields Kabuto and Orochimaru jumps back out of the way.*

As the dust clears we see the *brothers are facing each other. *The bodies of Raikage and Oonki, lifeless.

Izuna, " what a situation this is."

Madara, " yes, it is."

They both look at the Ten tails. It suddenly calms down.

Orochimaru, " hmmm...."{seems the brother used a genjutsu on the other brother. Genius, Uchiha are innovative.*

Suddenly Orchimaru appears on top of the Ten tails, "summoning Jutsu"

A huge snake appears and swallows Madara.

" reverse summoning!"

They both disappear then Kabuto, looking at Izuna, "i think i'm gonna need to hang on to you."

Izuna, " in deed."

Soon we see Naruto with Kakashi, Bee, Yamato, Gai, Tsunade and Darui. The Sasuke is also there with shackles and a head *overing with seals on it, the 4th Hokage guard is with him, as well as a few Anbu. Ma and Pa Toad are there as well.

Darui, "sensor squadron says he has Madara and the ten tails."

Gai, "yes and Kabuto left with Izuna."

Tsunade, " whatever happens we can't hope to defend an attack at our *current states. *We have to keep an eye out for both of them. The new system the Kages will work on will be better than before. "

Darui ( we can see he has a Kage hat hanging on his back) *" we will make sure of that."

Tsunade, " Kakashi, you will start and monitor his *training. Every Jonin here and above is gonna be your trainer. "

Kakashi, " okay, well first, Flying Thunder God. It should help with the rest of the training."

Yamato, "yes, tactics Shikamaru *will lead that. *He also predicted the rate of training for you Naruto, how long it's gonna take for you to learn everything. [he looks at Sasuke.] He has a plan for Sasuke as well."

Standing up, he has his shirt off and a new seal on his body that looks just like the RS chakra glow seal.

Naruto, " so let's get this started, it's gonna be a long two years."

New training and a new ninja system, in two years Naruto and the new ninja system will emerge! But what will he find facing him?!

Next issue: "time has passed"
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