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Re: Secret behind Obito's Kamui?

Originally Posted by kael03 View Post
Not scared, just tired of beating my head against a brick wall. You and KYF are so focused on a mistranslation that you won't agree to anything else.

But, I'll humor you with a couple of quick points:

1. If the jutsus are so different, or have different versions as you claim, why bother naming them the same name? Makes no sense and Occam's Razor says that the Sage's ability, Banbutsu Souzou, is the precurser to Izanagi, not just another version of it.

2. The manga states that the Uchiha don't need Senju DNA to perform Izanagi, as Madara/Obito are the only known Uchiha with Senju DNA and Izanami was created to counter Izanagi long before Madara fought with Hashirama.

Considering the overwhelming majority of the english speaking fanbase, on top of the original raw, says you and KYF's version of things is wrong...yes, you are deluded.

Anyway, I'm done with you. Enjoy your time on my ignore list, KYF is getting lonely there.
1. You clearly have the comprehension of a blonde bimbo, but its ok, its not your fault. Tobi amd Danzou perform a technique called Izanagi, which saved their lives. Tobi then says the jutsu comes from an original application of a jutsu called BS. However UNLIKE BS and the SAGE, he could much more with the application of Izanagi, than simply cast a genjutsu on one self.

So obviously you simpleton, it is a different version of it, although it bares the same name.

2. Lol, this part is your idiocy at its best. When did me or Kyf say Izanagi needs Senju dna? Dummy, we've being saying, the exact opposite.

I'm on your ignore list. Ooooh the pain, the horror of it all. As you can imagine, I'm devastated that Kael has chosen to ignore me and leave me isolated in this world called Fandom Forum. Please Kael, please don't do this to me. I need you in my life. Kmt
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