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Re: Games and all things related

Originally Posted by LonelyNinja View Post
Started my Outer Heaven XCOM run-through. Got Comrade (to be nicknamed Miburo) as a Heavy. James as a sniper. T9F as a sniper. Mal as a medic. Zero as a Heavy (and pretty damn accurate, too). Have yet to deploy Vanity in a battle. And Artan as an Assault that I'm going to deploy next mission.
Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
Just beat XCOM. Had an entire army of OH comrades with glorious red and gold battle suits and everything. Most of you died heroically in battle (Because we charge in like bosses), and all against worthy foes like massive robots, groups of elite battle aliens, and super psychics.

Only assault Comrade T9F, support Comrade OG, and heavy Comrade "Volcano" Mal had psychic abilities. Most kills by the end went to sniper Comrade Shrike. Only survivors at the very end were Comrade Shrike, Comrade Senrei (sniper), Comrade Arty (assault), and Comrade OG, Comrade ACT (support), and my Bro's character. Everyone else gave their lives driving off the extraterrestrial menace.

I'm kinda weird.
These posts ignited my blood into a tempest of manly passion. So I got XCOM, and have been playing the past few days. Pretty fucking fun I must say. Its been awhile since I played a decent turn-based strategy game. Last one was Gladius I think.

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