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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

And the latest chapter is up guys. Enjoy it, and hit me with your opinions!

Chapter four: The Borgias.

Asia, north-east of the Himalayas. Almost 5000 meters. Tibet.*

The panel shows a group of people walking towards a shrine. Soon, they reach the place where the 14th Dalai Lama resides. The first man that leads the group makes a small reverence in front of the Dalai Lama.

Claude: I'm searching for your master.
Dalai Lama surprised: My master? Who are you? I have no master!
Claude smiles: Come on. You're not talking to a regular man. Neither of us are regular people. You could tell this only by looking at us. I am searching for Gendun Drub. Your master. The first Dalai Lama. I know that he is here.
Dalai Lama: Tell me your names!
Claude sighs: companions are: Leonardo da Vinci, Charles Darwin, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Isaac Newton, Harry Houdini, Arinasa, Max and Robert.
The Dalai Lama has shock written all over his face.*
Dalai Lama: It's impossible! You are halucinating my son. The people that you mentioned are dead.
Claude smiles: Not exactly. As you can see they are here with me.
Dalai Lama: And i tell you that it's impossible.
Claude: Go see your master. He will confirm you our identities.
Dalai Lama: You still haven't told me your name. Who should i introduce if you keep your name hidden?
Claude: Fine. Tell him, that Lord Vishnu is here.
The Dalai Lama walks away confused. Soon he returns with an old man behind him.
Old man: Lord Vishnu! Long time no see!
Claude: Gendun. How are you?
Gendun ( The first Dalai Lama) : Well, as you can see, old.
Claude: But still in shape.
Gendun: What do you mean?
Claude: Come on, Gendun...if you were not in shape you would not be able to take my friend, Henry.
Gendun while he looks away: I don't know what you are talking about.
Claude: You don't know how to lie, Gendun. Tell me where is Henry.*
Suddenly the old claps his hands. From the ground two thick branches emerge, aimed at Claude. The latter simply smiles and raises his hand towards the branches.
Claude: Ventus...dividite!
The wind starts blowing harder behind Claude, and as the branches are coming closer, the wind cuts them in half. Claude smiles.
Gendun grins and claps his hands again. Then, he places his right hand at his mouth, forming a circle with two fingers. Gendun fires from his mouth a giant fireball at Claude. The latter *simply deflects the fireball with his bare hand.
Claude:'re a Doudenae. You cannot oppose me. Maybe the ones behind me could be impressed. Most of them are part of the Aerhis class. But i am an Eären.*
Gendun throws a strange look at Claude: You're an Eären? I don't belive you.
Claude: Belive what you want.*
Gendun: I don't mean that you are weak or something. Because clearly you're much more than a Duodenae. But your composure, your feels different. I have met Eärens before, Vishnu.*
Claude: I'm glad for you. that the little show is over, could you tell me where Henry is?
Gendun falls down to his knees before Claude.
Gendun: He will kill me...and everyone here if i tell you anything. Actually he will kill everyone just because you were here.
Claude: Who is he?
Gendun: Gray. He threatend me that if i do not keep the prisoner here, he will kill all of us!
Robert smiles: Dorian? Dorian Gray?
Gendun: Yes...him...he is coming here in a couple of hours!
Mozart: I will take him out. I have some unfinnished bussines with Dorian.
Claude: Are you sure, Amadeus?
Mozart: Yes, Claude. I'm pretty sure.*
Claude: Fine then. Amadeus here, will deal with Mr. Gray. Now, Gendun...why don't you tell me what happend?
Gendun: That man came here with the prisoner. He told me that he needs a place to keep him, and if we don't comply he will kill everyone. I had no choice, Lord Vishnu.
Claude: Don't worry Gendun. You Did well. So that's why you fought me.*
Gendun: I thought that you will fall for my attacks. I didn't realised that in my desperation to save my people, i was actually trying to kill an Eären. I'm sorry.
Claude smiles: Don't be. Now...tell me. Where is Henry?
Gendun: Down in the cells.*
Claude looks at Darwin and Houdini.
Claude: Go get him guys.
Darwin and Houdini left for the cellars.
Claude turns around and looks at Mozart.
Claude: Do i need to evacuate all these people?
Mozart: I don't think so. But they should find a shelter nearby. Leave the place to me so i can deal with Dorian in peace.
Claude: How do you plan to kill him, Amadeus? His portait is not here. The only way of killing Dorian is by damaging his portrait.
Mozart: I know. But my plan is a bit different.*
Claude: How so?
Mozart smiles: You will see!

The scene shows the shrine a couple of hours later. Everyone left but Mozart. He is calm, waiting for Gray to appear. And he appears. A man slowly walks towards the shrine. A man with brown mid hair, black eyes, not too tall, with a thin constitution. He is dressed in an elegant manner. He is using a black cane, to walk.

As Gray reaches the shrine, his face shows surprise when he sees Amadeus waiting for him.
Gray: Amadeus Wolfgang Mozart. What a surprise. How are you Amadeus?
Mozart: I'm fine, Dorian. What about you?
Gray: Not too well. I assume that you already freed Henry and evacuated the monks?
Mozart: You assume right.*
Gray: Who helped you? That sneaky Eären, Vishnu?
Mozart smiles: You should be careful, Dorian. You wouldn't want to upset him.
Gray smiles: Come on...he knows that he cannot kill me. As long as my portrait remains hidden, none of you can kill me. Actually, you know that too. And that makes me wonder...why are you here, Amadeus?
Amadeus smiles: To kill you obviously.
Gray laughs: I just told you that you cannot kill me.
Amadeus: Tell me, Dorian...who are you working for?
Dorian smiles with superiority: I work alone. I work for nobody.
Amadeus: Come on, Dorian. We both know that there is someone behind you. You wouldn't have the courage to confront Vishnu if there isn't someone having your back.
Dorian: Obviously i won't tell you, my friend.
Suddenly Mozart reveal from his jacket an old Colt 45 revolver. He instantly fires a single bullet that hits Dorian right in the middle of his head. Just before the bullet hit, Dorain had a reflex to protect his cane from the bullet, by placing it behind him. A reflex that ne tried to supress as much as possible.The man remains unfazed, as nothing happend.*
Dorian: It's useless...Amadeus.
Mozart smiles: Is it?
He fires another five bullets at Dorian. But again, the man is practically unscathed.
Dorian smiles: And what was the point of this?
Amadeus as he reloads: The point of this was a simple one...Dorian. And you will find it out soon.
Dorian reveals his own revolver. He fires two bullets at Mozart, but the latter tries dodging them. Nevertheless, a bullet still hits him in the shoulder. Mozart uses the momentum and fires another bullet towards Dorian. But this time, it's not aimed for him body. The bullet hits the cane directly. Dorian is heard releasing a shout of agony. Slowly blood appears on his shirt. Mozart smiles and fires the rest of five bullets, hitting every time the cane. Gray falls to his knees, bleeding heavily.
Dorian: did you...
Mozart: How did I now that you're holding your portrait in the empty space of the cane? It's quite simple. You're to proud to leave something of such importance to away from you. *
Dorian:'s not that easy!!!
Dorian tries to get up, but this time Mozart resumes to the old fashion way. He punches the other man right in the jaw throwing him away. Then, Mozart simply takes the cane, and reveals a secret compartiment inside it where the portrait was held. He takes out a lighter.
Gray frightened: Wait!!! What are you doing?!?!
Mozart smiles: I'm sorry Dorian. But it's over for you...
Mozart lights on fire the portrait. At the same moment Dorian tries to jump at him, but he vanishes in thin air. His body was turned into ashes.
Mozart lights a cigarette as he watches the horizont.
Mozart: Farewell...Dorian...
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