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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The scene shows Claude and Henry walking on the Vienna's streets. They are both very elegant dressed. Henry sports a cane that has a sword hidden inside it.

Claude: Tell me, Henry...what did you find out while you're wandering the streets of Paris?
Henry: Disturbing news, Claude. The Borgias...Cesare and Rodrigo...they control much of the Europe right now. I have made great efforts to keep England from falling into their hands. So far, i have suceeded.
Claude: Hmm...the Borgias, eh? It seems that we must take them out.
Henry: It will be tough...the alliance between the enemy Aerhis and the Celestials is strong. The group is supported by Yama directly. If we try to take them out, we will have a confrontation with at least one Celestial.
Claude: Nevertheless...the influence that the enemy group has is too much. We must eliminate the Borgias. Call everyone in the meeting room.

The scene shows the council room. At the table there are Robert, Claude, Arinasa, Max, Leonardo, Newton, Henry, Mozart, Houdini and Darwin.

Claude: Disturbing news have reached my ears. It seems that the Borgias hold a great influence over Europe. We must cut those ties.
Leonardo: Cesare could be anywhere in the world. And Rodrigo is in Vatican. It will not be easy to assassinate them.
Mozart: Nevertheless, Claude is right. Our priorities must be settled now. Which one should we take out?
Darwin: Think this through. If we eliminate Rodrigo, Cesare will find out. And he will vanish. We will never be able to find him. If we eliminate Cesare instead, Rodrigo will fortify the Vatican. Probably a couple of Celestials will guard him. And then again, he will be unreachable.
Robert: That's why we must eliminate both of them at the same time.
Houdini: It means that we will break into two groups.
Newton: But first we need to find Cesare.*
Henry: I can help you with that. During my captivity i heard Dorian talking on the phone with someone. He was saying something about Cesare being in Spain. In Barcelona.
Claude: Then it's settled. We will divise into two teams. One will travel to Vatican. The other one to Spain. We will assassinate both Borgias.
Robert: Then let's decide the teams.
Claude: The leaders will be me and Robert. I will go after Rodrigo. Robert, Cesare is yours.
Robert: I will take Max and you will take Arinasa.
Claude: Leonardo, Isaac and Harry are coming with me.
Robert: That leaves me, Max, Henry, Amadeus and Charles.
Claude: Then it's settled. We will go tomorrow. In the meantime, i want you Leonardo to acquire the plans of Castel Sant' Angelo. Rodrigo is probably there, so that's our destination. Henry, it's your turn to train Arinasa, so please do it until tonight. In the meantime, Isaac prepare everything that we need for our journey.
Both men: Aye, Claude.
Robert: So this is it...Claude...if we encounter Celestials, what is your order?
Claude: Your main priority is to keep Max alive. Even if you fail killing Cesare.*
Robert: Understood.

The scene shows Henry and Arinasa in the yard. They are both holding their swords.

Henry: Listen here,girl. You must learn how to use this weapon. It's the most used weapon by our enemies, the Celestials. So if you can wield it properly, you will have a great advantage.
Arinasa: I understand. Tell me, i saw Claude channeling his lightning powers through the sword. How can i do that?
Henry: You cannot do it for now. You must find your nature first. But before you do it, you must learn everything you can about fighting. Claude channels his powers through his sword, because he is at another level than the rest of us. As Robert might have told you, there are three stages to one's power. The Tertia, the Secundo and the Primum. Each stage allows the energy of the user to channel a larger portion of his power in the world. Currently, you don't have access to your inner power. You will gain it in time.
Arinasa: I have another question. Why the others cannot do what Robert and Claude do?
Henry smiles: It's all about your rank. Let me educate you. Claude told you about the ranks: Aerhis-the lowest one, Duodenae: the middle one, Eären: what Claude is and Beyonder like the great religious figures of our history. An Aerhis only has access to immortality. A Duodenae can use minor aspects of the elements. An Eären has access to the major aspects of the elements. And a Beyonder...if he releases his Primum can reshape the world. Leonardo, me, Amadeus and Charles...we are Aerhis. Isaac and Harry are Duodenae. Robert and Claude are Eärens. That's why.
Arinasa: I get it. Well...shall we start our training then?
Henry smiles and takes a battle stance: That's what i want to hear! Prepare yourself!

The scene shows the gate of Robert's castle. Two groups are seen. Also, four cars are waiting. A Rolls Royce Phantom, a Ferrari F12, an Aston Martin One-77 and Claude's Lamborghini Sesto Elemento.

Claude is shown. He is wearing a black Sherlock-Holmes style coat, over a white shirt and slim fit jeans. His black hair is slicked back and he is smoking a cigarette. Arinasa is next to him, wearing a short fit green dress with crèm high heels.*

Claude: Is everyone ready?*
Robert: We are. How about you?
Claude smiles: Well, i'm prepared to end that bastard's life.
Robert: Then let's go.
Robert throws the Rolls's keys to Amadeus.
Robert:'re driving. Charles, Max, let's get in the car. me when you reach Italy.
Claude: Same to you. Call me when you enter Barcelona.
Claude turns around and looks at his team.
Claude: I'm driving my Lamborghini. Arinasa is coming with me.
Leonardo: I'm coming with the Ferrari. Harry is coming with me.
Newton smiles: That leaves me and the Aston. What's the distance to Italy?
Leonardo: About 800 km.
Claude as he gets into the Lamborghini: Let's have a race then. I bet that i can get there in three hours.
Newton: And i will be already there for about a half an hour.
Arinasa: Guys...why do you have to race?!?
Claude laughs: Because it's more fun this way! Let's go!

The scene shows the highway. The Lamborghini is leading followed closely by the Aston and the Ferrari.

Claude: Arinasa...are you OK?*
Arinasa: Yeah...i am. But there is too much going on...
Claude: I know...i'm sorry about this. I think that you wish that you would have never met me.
Arinasa: NO! It's not like this idiot!*
Claude surprised: No?
Arinasa: I...i enjoy the thrill of this life. But i'm scared when i remember what i have to do...what everyone expects from me...i don't think that i will be able to live up to the task...
Claude: Let me tell you a story. A long time ago, i was good. I loved my friends in the Celest City. I was happy. But one of my closest friends...betrayed us. He wished power. More power. He was unstopable. In order to defeat him and save our world...i tapped into darkness. I allowed the darkness to take over my soul. My name was changed. I was no longer Vishnu. I was known as the Dark General. I gathered an army and tried to take over the world.*
Arinasa: And what happend?
Claude: I failed, fortunately. There was a man that managed to bring me back to my senses. *But before he managed to stop me...i almost destroyed the world. That's what i want you to understand. Nobody knows what you can do. What you can really do. Not even you. Until the moment to shine rises, you will live your life doubting your value. But when the moment to shine me...because of your doubts, you will be much better than those that are sure on themselves!
Arinasa smiles as she listened to Claude's story.
Arinasa: I understand...hey...will know, get back to be the Dark General?
Claude as a shadow of sadness passes through his eyes: I hope not. I cannot promise anything. But there is only one possibility that would make me resume my former status as the Dark General...
Arinasa curious: And what would that be?
Claude smiling menacing: Your death...
The scene ends showing how Arinasa places her hand on Claude's hand. The man is surprised for a brief moment, but he accepts the situation. She smiles.

The panel shows Castel Sant' Angelo. Rodrigo is inside a giant, imperial room. He places his hand on the ground and a hologram of Yama appears.

Rodrigo: Lord Yama.
Yama: What is it, Rodrigo?
Rodrigo: I just heard that Vishnu is coming to Italy with a part of his men. And my sources told me that Robert is heading towards Barcelona with the rest of the group.
Yama: And?
Rodrigo: My guess is that they are coming after me and Cesare.
Yama: And you want me to save your life.
Rodrigo: It could also be a great opportunity to get rid of Vishnu.
Yama: That's just your excuse. You are scared by him. Fine. I will send you someone.*
Rodrigo: Thank you, Lord Yama! Thank you!
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