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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The panel shows Vatican City. Three cars stop on a street. A Lamborghini, a Ferrari and an Aston Martin. It's night.

Claude: we are. We should head for Sant' Angelo. As soon as we enter the castle our target is Rodrigo Borgia. We will take out any interferences. We must move quickly. If we encounter any Celestial opposition, i will handle them. But your mission will complicate. You will have to move even faster to eliminate Rodrigo. We must avoid at all costs a full scale battle between the Celestials and me. Otherwise, the entire Rome will know the fate of Paris. Are we clear?
Leonardo: Si, Claude. We are clear.
Newton: Got it.
Houdini: What about Arinasa?
Claude: If i encounter any Eärens, you will get her out of here, Harry. Go to Vienna. Find refugee into Robert's castle.*
Houdini: Got it.
Arinasa: Well then...let's do this.

The panel shows Claude and the group walking towards the entrance to the Sant'Angelo castle. In front of it, there are four Swiss Guards.

Swiss guard: Stop! Dove andate?!? ( translate: Stop! Where are you going? )*
Leonardo: Andiamo*all'interno del castello. noi siamo qui per incontrare il vostro maestro. ( We are going inside the castle. We are here to meet your master ).
Swiss guard:*Sua Santit√*, il Papa non √® qui. E non sono stati notificati di visitatori!( His Holiness, the Pope is not here. And we were not notified about any visitors! ).
Leonardo:*Non voglio parlare con Benedetto XVI. Il mio desiderio è quello di fare una chiacchierata con papa Alessandro VI. Comunemente conosciuto come Rodrigo Borgia. ( I do not want to talk with Pope Benedict XVI. My wish is to have a chat with Pope Alexander the VI. Commonly known as Rodrigo Borgia.) .
The Swiss guard makes a shocked face.
Swiss guard:*Tu sei pazzo! il Papa Alessandro VI è morto molto tempo fa! Non so che cosa si sta parlando! (*You are insane! The Pope Alexander VI died a long time ago! I do not know what you are talking about! ).
Claude intrerupts:*Eh ... davvero non so di cosa stiamo parlando? Lasciatemi dire una cosa, amico mio ... se non si ottiene fuori del mio modo ... pacificamente ... i raccoglieranno fuori dal petto il cuore batte. In un istante. *Sono stato abbastanza chiaro per te? (* really don't know what we are talking about? Let me say one thing, my friend...if you do not get out of my way...peacefully...i will reap out of your chest your beating heart. In an instant. I was clear enough for you? ).*
Swiss guard:*Chi ti credi di essere una minaccia per noi così? Noi siamo la Guardia Svizzera! Non accetteremo tale insolenza! Tutti! Attacco loro! (*Who do you think you are to threaten us like this? We are the Swiss Guard! We will not accept such insolence! Everyone! Attack them!)*
Claude turns around and looks at the group: I tried to warn them...
The four swiss guards are rushing towards them with their spears prepared.*
Claude: Shall I...?
Houdini: We have no reason to kill them.*
Newton: Indeed.
Houdini claps his hands together, and suddenly thick ropes appear around the swiss guards. The ropes are tied by an invisible force, rendering useless the guard's efforts.
Claude: Nicely done. I was feeling a bit bad to take their lives.*
Houdini: Let's go!

They enter the castle's yard. And just at that moment a giant column of water emerges in their path, blocking the way.*

Claude swearing: Fuck. This is all that we needed!*
Arinasa shocked: What is this?!?
Leonardo: Claude, who is he?!?
Claude: He is Poseidon. God of seas. A Celestial.
Houdini: What do you want me to do?
Claude: Keep moving. If another one appears, send Arinasa to Vienna. Find and kill Rodrigo. Probably, in your path, you will find another Duodenae at least. Leonardo, your mission is to eliminate Borgia. Let Isaac and Harry deal with the future threats. I will follow you as soon as possible.
Newton: But how are we supposed to pass through the water?!?
Claude points his palms at the column: Ventus! Spingere!
A powerful blow of wind strikes the column, thus creating a passage for the group.
Claude: Hurry!
Everyone leaves through the passage. Claude is left behind, alone. From the top of the column a man appears, shaped from the water. A man having a long white beard, a muscular body, wearing nothing on top of his body. White hair. Blue eyes. And a golden trident. That's how Poseidon looks.
Claude: Poseidon. Long time no see.
Poseidon: Vishnu. You are aware that those won't make it, are you?
Claude: I have great confidence in them. I will help them shortly anyway.
Poseidon: You think that you can kill me, Vishnu?
Claude: Well, you already used your Secundo release for this column of water to manifest. I used my sealed state to penetrate it. If i release my Tertia it should be enough to defeat you, Poseidon.
Poseidon: Don't be so sure, Vishnu. Many have tried and...
Claude stops him: Many have failed? I heard that line so many times Poseidon...i'm tired of it. Because of that...i will end this quickly.
Poseidon: vishnu...your Azymus level is higher then mine. But...because you're afraid of descending into will not dare to go past Tertia. That's why i will win!
Claude smiles as he reveals his blade and places two fingers on it.
Claude: I don't need Secundo for you...Release...Sciffer!
Poseidon points his trident at Claude and shots from it three thin beams of water. Claude dodges them, and the beams tears apart the ground next to him.
Claude thinking: I cannot get hit by those things!
Claude makes a spin and throws a lightning slash from his blade at Poseidon. The god defends himself by raising a wall of water in front of him. Claude uses the momentum and points two fingers at Poseidon.
Claude: Ventus! Dividite!
He shots from his two fingers, two rays of wind. The wind penetrates the water wall, and one ray hits Poseidon in his shoulder, making a hole. But the man instantly regenerates himself, as the water fills the hole entirely.
Claude thinking: So his body can regenerate in the presence of water. This is going to be troublesome. But a beheading should do the trick...
Poseidon slams his trident into the ground, releasing a giant tsunami wave at Claude. Claude claps his hands together and shouts.
Claude: Ventus! Sphaera!
A barely visible sphere surrounds him instantly. The water hits it at full force, but it cannot destroy it. Immediatly after the water passes the sphere, Claude impales the ground with his blade.
Claude as electrical surges are passing from his right hand into the sword: Fulgur! Spargimento!
The blade releases into the ground several lightnings. Combined with the water present, Claude manages to create a deadly surrounding. Poseidon uses his trident and impales it into a wall. He holds on to it, avoiding touching the ground.
Poseidon: Impressive. If i touch the ground i will die.*
Claude as he rushes towards Poseidon: Fulgur! Singolo Fascio!
Claude launches from his palm a single lightning towards Poseidon.*
Poseidon thinking: Dammit! He is not affected by the electricity on the ground and he attacked me when i'm in a vulnerable position! I have to avoid this!
Poseidon uses his trident and pushes himself up in an acrobatic manner. He lands on the trident with his feet in a crouched position. The lightning strikes the place beneath him.
Poseidon laughs: Hah! You missed! You are a ...
He stops because suddenly Claude appears exactly in front of him.
Claude as he slashes aiming for Poseidon's neck: Ventus...Dividere!!!
The last scene shows Poseidon's head rolling over his shoulders, as Claude lands on the ground unscathed.
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