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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The scene shows Leonardo, Houdini, Newton and Arinasa running through the corridors of Sant' Angelo.*

Leonardo: We should reach the main hall soon! That's where we will find Rodrigo!
Houdini: Let's hope that Claude will join us for the final showdown!
Newton: Probably he finished with Poseidon by now!
Arinasa: I don't understand something! Isn't Poseidon also an Eären? Why is Claude more powerful than him, if they both have the same rank?
Leonardo: There are Eärens and Eärens. The older the Eären is the more powerful he gets in time. And it seems that Claude was powerful to begin with. So, you can think of him as a superior Eären! His control and level of Azymus, the internal power is much greater than the ones of a regular Eären!
Suddenly the group stops. They have reached the main hall. On the papal chair, lies Rodrigo Borgia waiting for them.
Rodrigo: Welcome my friends. Leonardo Da Vinci...Isaac Newton...Harry Houdini...and the young Arinasa. What a great company we have here.
Leonardo makes a small reverence: Your Holiness...
Rodrigo: How are you Leonardo?
Leonardo: Dio mio...i'm fine.*
Rodrigo: Bene...i have a feeling that one of us will not be fine in a couple of moments.
Leonardo smiles: You see...Rodrigo...the Papacy must be freed from your dominion. During the reign of the previous were banned from this grounds. You didn't managed to control him. It seems that you have succeeded with this one though.
Rodrigo: It was hard, but i did it in the end. Now...let me ask you something, Leonardo. If you are here with Vishnu, i assume that Robert and your other companions are searching for Cesare. Am i right?
Leonardo: You're right. We have decided that by eliminating both of you on the same day would be better.*
Rodrigo smiles: Indeed. It's a good plan. But it has only one flaw.
Leonardo: And what it's that flaw, Rodrigo?
Rodrigo: The fact that you assume that it will be so easy to kill me. I have protectors, Leonardo.
Leonardo smiles: Poseidon? Vishnu is dealing with him right now.
Rodrigo: No...not Poseidon. He is just a mere tool in the hands of his master. Someone else has comed here with him.
Leonardo: Can i ask who?
Suddenly a voice is heard. A man reveals himself from a hidden door. His traits are amazing. He is a blonde man with blue eyes. Tall. With his hair long, below his shoulders and curly. He is all dressed in white. Behind his back, two giant wings, made of white feathers are seen.*
Leonardo falls to his knees: Dio mio...Archangelus Gabriel...
Arinasa shocked: What?!?
Newton: The Archangel Gabriel...we stand no chance against him!*
Houdini: I cannot belive this! I tried to teleport Arinasa away but i cannot!
Gabriel speaks with a soft yet menacing voice: Hello friends. Why do you want to leave so soon?I just arrived here on Earth, and you know how often i visit it. Almost never.*
Leonardo: Archangel Gabriel...why are you here?
Gabriel: My brother...Michael sent me here. He told me to protect Rodrigo Borgia. That there are some men who wants to harm him. And he told me that for the good of the world, a girl must come with me. -he looks at Arinasa- Are you that girl my dear?
Rodrigo: She is the one! She is the one that Michael wants!
Gabriel: Excelent. Then, i will take you now, my dear.
Gabriel instantly appears next to Arinasa. Leonardo and Houdini notices him and try to stop him but they are both throwed away by an invisible force. Newton reveals a pistol and shots at the angel, but the bullet is deflected by the same mysterious energy. Gabriel reaches for Arinasa's hand. The panel shows his fingers that are very close to her...a powerful wind strikes the room and the air vanishes for a brief moment. Everyone but Arinasa and the Archangel falls to their knees. Even Robert grabs his chest, wanting air. The pressure of the power displayed is too strong. A new presence has arrived.*
And his hand is caught. By the second man. The one that just displayed all his anger when he entered the room. The scene shows Vishnu in all his might. He is dressed in a white fitted coat, with a gold fine line in the middle of it. His hair is slicked back, but with white stripes. His eyes are showing the gold lightning pattern. Three lightnings around a black circle. In his right hand he wields his blade, Sciffer. With the left hand he grabbed Gabriel's hand.
Claude: Not so fast Gabriel.
Gabriel surprised: Vishnu! Brother! How are you?
Vishnu: Good. Now, get away from her, Gabriel. Michael will not have her!*
Gabriel: You seem different...Vishnu...
Robert thinking: This is bad! Vishnu...he released the Secundo of Sciffer!!!*
Gabriel with a concerned face: Is this your Secundo release, Vishnu?*
Vishnu: Aye. You should take it as a compliment...Gabriel. So far two people have seen my Secundo. Osiris and my brother.*
Gabriel: And they are both dead. Oh, wait, your brother is sealed away. The defeated the most evil man that walked on Earth, only for you to take his place! As the Dark General...
Claude smiles menacing: A thrill,, how should we do this? Either you retreat yourself and tell Michael that you failed...either i send you into pieces back to the Celest City. And you tell Michael that you failed. It's your choice.
Gabriel smiles: know that i don't want to fight you. And Michael and I are standing on equal grounds. I do not answer to him.*
Claude: So, you are going to chose the peaceful way.*
Gabriel: Exactly. Now...answer me a question please. Why did you betrayed your own kind? Why do you protect this girl?
Claude: Because one day she will bring the dawn of a new era for the mankind. Because she will break the chains that hold the world.
Gabriel: Interesting. I think that you're trying to achieve some sort of redemption through her. You belive that if you help the humans to release themselves from the gods, you will erase your past sins as the Dark General and you will be able to stand in front of Him.
Claude smiles: Not exactly. My sins cannot be forgiven. Even by Him.*
Gabriel: Then i am really sorry for you, Vishnu. Now i will leave. But mark my words...the next Celestial that you'll encounter will not be like me. You know that i always liked you. If Michael decides to come himself to fight you...just make sure that you won't descend into darkness again my friend.
Claude: I will not descend again, Gabriel. Thank you...and farewell...
Gabriel has a sincere smile as he slowly vanishes from the room. The scene shows Rodrigo Borgia surrounded by the group. Claude reverted to his normal state.
Claude: Rodrigo Borgia. Who wants to do the honors?
Leonardo makes a step forward, revealing his old duel italian pistol.
Leonardo: I will do it. He killed to many of my friends a long time ago.
Rodrigo: Please...mercy!!!
Leonardo: Any last words, Borgia?
Rodrigo as he starts crying: Please...please Leonardo...don't do it...
Leonardo shots a single bullet from his gun. The bullet hits the man straight into his head. Rodrigo Borgia falls to the ground dead.*
Claude: Let's go everyone...
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