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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The panel shows Barcelona. Robert, Charles, Henry, Max and Amadeus. They are walking towards Casa Mil√*.*

Robert: The rumors are that Cesare has his HQ somewhere around this place.*
Henry: Could it be there?
Henry pointed a modern office building a couple of meters away. Robert quickly takes out his phone, connects to the Internet and searches for the building.
Robert: Check this out: this office building is the property of Cesar Aigorb. Sounds familiar? His name spelled backwards.
Darwin: The guy has no imagination.
Amadeus: Well then...shall we?
They just entered the main hall, and a butler appears.
Butler: Gentlemen...Mister Borgia is waiting for you in his office.
Amadeus: Interesting. He already knows that we are here.
The group gets into the elevator and go to the top floor. As the doors open, a giant elegant room, with a huge wood desk and expensive paintings reveals to them. At the desk, an elegant man is waiting for them.
Robert: Cesare Borgia.
Cesare: Robert. What a pleasure to see you. You also brought Henry, Amadeus and Charles. And i assume that the young man is Max.
Robert: You assume right.
Cesare: Considering that Vishnu is not here there are two possibilities. Either he is guarding the girl, or he went after my father. I think that it's safe to assume that my father has already got killed. So, obviously i'm the next target.*
Robert smiles: You got it right, Cesare. Now do you prefer to do this the rough way, where you oppose, try to escape and we make a lot of mess? Or are you going to welcome death as a gentleman?
Cesare smiles: You see...Robert...the problem is that i am not alone. I took precautions, because my life is very important for my friends.*
The elevator doors open and another man comes inside the room. Everyone is shocked by the new appearence.
Flamel: Robert, Charles, Max, Amadeus...Henry. Nice to see all of you again.
Darwin shocked: I...i saw Rasputin piercing your chest! I saw it!
Flamel: You only saw an illusion my dear Charles. I'm sorry that i had to deceive you. You see...i was i spy. And i gathered enough informations. My time to get out of your little brootherhood came. So i faked my death and assumed my true position.
Amadeus: We considered you a betray us like this...
Flamel: That's life. do you want to do this?
Robert makes a step forward: I will handle you, Nicholas.
Flamel smiles: I was hoping for that. I always wished to fight you, Robert. Your constant arrogance annoys me.
Flamel puts on his white gloves and stares at Robert. The latter simply claps his hands together and from the ground several thick branches emerge towards Flamel's chest. Flamel points his hand at the branches and blue flames incinerates them. Flamel then claps his hands and shouts.
Flamel: Alchemy power! Metal assault!!!
Every object made of metal or containing metal in the room flies at a high speed towards Robert. The latter draws his sword and blocks them all, skillfully. But Flamel uses the momentum and points his hand at Robert's chest.
Flamel: Alchemy power! Blue flames single shot!
He fires from his finger a ray of flames. The flames pierce Robert's shoulder. He barely has time to react.
Flamel: Alchemy power! Earth erosion!
The ground below Robert starts shaking violently. But the Eären calms himself down and places his hands on the ground. Instantly two spikes are launched towards Flamel. The man dodges them and backs off a little.
Flamel: Impressive. Now...Cesare...come here please.
Cesare rushes towards Flamel, but Robert claps his hands togeer and a branch catches the Borgia's right leg.
Cesare: Dammit!
Robert: You are not going anywhere.
Flamel: Robert...the problem is that i know your weaknesses.*
Flamel: Alchemy power! Inferno flames!!!
The whole room gets enveloped into blue flames. Robert's first reaction is to protect Max. Flamel uses the opportunity and tries to escape with Cesare. But Robert is still faster and uses his branches to block the elevator's doors.
Henry shouts: Charles! Amadeus! Get Max out of here! We will deal with them!*
Instantly Amadeus grabs Max and rushes towards the nearest window.
Max: What are you doing?!?
Amadeus: Saving you from the flames!*
Charles: You're not thinking of doing it, right Amadeus?!?
Amadeus: There is no choice, Charles! We have to trust him! Max, you can summon your shield, right?*
Max: Rright!
Amadeus: Good. Summon it!
Max's hands go blue for a brief moment and then his shield appears from nothingness.
Amadeus grabs him and Charles and jumps through the window with them! As they are about to crash into the ground, Max's shield forms a blue energy sphere around them , protecting the trio.
Henry is shown turning around, next to Robert.
Henry: We got about three minutes before the flames consume the room. We need to move fast.
Robert: Kill the Borgia. I will handle Nicholas.
Henry reveals his sword from the cane.
Henry: Cesare Borgia.
Cesare as he makes a couple of steps forward, facing Henry: Henry Tudor.*
Cesare takes out his own sword. Both men make an elegant reverence and then they go in battle position. Henry has the first move. He throws a large swimg at Cesare, which the latter parries. Henry spins and aims for Cesare's feet, but the Borgia dodges, while trying to impale Henry. Cesare's blade hits the side of Henry's own blade. Henry keeps pushing him back with simple attacks but powerful. Cesare desperately tries to hold on. Then, the inevitable occurs...Henry attacks from the right side. Cesare blocks the attack and rushes himself to slash Henry. But the former king of England does an outstanding action. He catches the Borgia's blade with his hand. His palm received a deep cut, but he managed to hold Cesare's sword. Henry uses the opening and strikes. The next panel shows Cesare with Henry's blade, piercing his heart.
In the meantime, Robert tries to hit Flamel with the branches, but the latter keeps burning.
*them. As Flamel sees Cesare's death he releases a small scream.
Robert smiling: What's the matter, Nicholas?
Flamel: You managed to kill him. Congratulations. My mission here is done...Until next time, Robert...
Flamel throws a fireball of blue flames into the ground. When the flames hits the ground, Flamel vanishes in a burst of blue fire, leaving the duo in the blazing room. Robert claps his hands together and a branch emerges. Both him and Henry get on the branch and use it as a stair to get down, outside the building.
Robert: Fuck this...Flamel is alive...and he betrayed us...fuck this!!!

The scene shows a white, pure, dense dimension shaped as a room. Five men are floating around a sphere made of glass.*Jesus.Mohammed.Buddha.Moses.Amate rasu. They are all wearing white robes.

Moses: Vishnu just activated his Secundo. He faced Gabriel but they didn't had a fight. Should we make our presence felt?
Amaterasu is a tall man with short black hair.
Amaterasu: I think that it's time. We must avoid having him fall for the darkness once again.
Buddha as a fat man: But which one of us will do it?
Mohammed as an old man with a gray beard: I think that we should do it together. As soon as possible. It's the right way.
Jesus finaly speaks: In a week, we shall erase his existence from the world. He is becaming too much of a threat. You all remember that when he confronted one of our brothers...Osiris, he managed to kill him. Something unheard of. An Eären killing a Beyonder. That's why we must avoid at all costs having Vishnu becaming once again the Dark General. So, we all agree with my opinion?
Every Beyonder: Aye.
Jesus: Then it's settled. In one week...Vishnu will cease to exist!

The end.

Thank you for reading so far. Please give me your opinions, criticism, anything. It helps me a lot to improve, if i know what you guys like or dislike.
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