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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Originally Posted by sFrog View Post
I've got a few questions:

Why did Robert get affected by that secundo release? Is there any connection between those two? It's also very interesting that that girl took that release without anything. Are you hinting for her to become Eären level or even higher?

Additionally this "dark general" thing is quite interesting. Is there any restriction taken into account that is involved with the level of potential power? On the first glance I thought that the status of being called the dark general is resulting from a cold blooded attitude towards opponents and enemies.

PS: loved it, maybe Poseidons head got chopped off too easily and that secundo release wasn't really neccessary.
The next chapter will show the difference in power between Robert and Claude. The Dark General it's not just a fancy name or just a rank. It implies the cold blooded attitude as you said but that's not everything about it. About the Secundo release that Vishnu used: it was useful, because Gabriel is one kf the most powerful Eärens. Let me put it like this: it's a thin line between the Secundo of a powerful Eären and the Secundo of Beyonder. What makes the difference it's the Primum.

I'm sorry that i cannot give a complete answer to all your questions sFrog, but you pointed out facts that will be explained in the upcoming two chapters. Anyway, thank you for your opinion.
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