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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

I'm excited to see a new state within my lifetime. Sure, we'll have to throw out all the old flags and make new ones, but JOBS JOBS JOBS! I was worried about the election, since a lot of those swing states were way too close for comfort. Of course, California saved the day (fuck yeah, my vote actually counted!), as well as Ohio, Wisconsin, and Iowa (kinda surprised me). A rape apologist lost in Missouri, which is always a good thing.

Still reeling from catilena, though. I mean, yeah, I'm all for different opinions--which is what makes democratic nations so great--but that's awfully delusional.

And of course I have a Facebook feed just filled with militant liberals and conservatives going apeshit. I think the hardest one for me to stomach is a friend saying, "God help us all." On the flip side, one of my uber-liberal friends posted this huge thing about why Obama deserved to win, fuck Republicans, fuck Christians, and the like. I just don't understand these kinds of people.

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