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Re: Naruto_608

The chapter was ok obito should have fought himself a long time ago. Did I see him take the shuriken out kakashi and then stab him in the head? He really is a hard fucker to fight he can phase through jutsu and warp enemies and jutsu he doesnt even need the rinnegan. Kakashi can't stand up to all that shit.

As for Kakashi dude is a shinobi alliance general so his chakra control has gotten better since part one And having the other eye on the bAttlefield mAy be augmenting both obito and kakashis power level.

Now as for the real madara... Dude is an asshole how is obito not seeing through him? He wants to have fun? I thought he was gonna fix shit.. That's not what the fuck I signed on for. But hey it's him so I guess we just gotta deal with it since we got a immortal madara With hashirama power added just for kicks in a being who has had the restraint of a pitbull!

Hurray for guy for stepping up to the plate. Now lets see bee be useful like he was against the jinchuriki.

What's naruto gonna do when his new form is hurt by wood dragon yet it was previously shown his cloak mode augments wood And makes it grow( once more and I can add it to my vocab) will he realize this and go sage mode!

The best part has to go to Obito that double shuriken slash felt like part one on some real ninja shit. The worst part has to be the dialog IMO it didn't augment the story with all that trash talk ... Now if there was real trash talk and the beginning of the Rin deal the chapter would have gotten a ten... But alas

Oh and check!
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