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Re: One Piece 688

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
@ Dagoro I think that comparison made me sick. Joking.

But it's not even an issue of characterization or action vs plot, the primordial issue is the payoff to what is being built. Moccha's payoff matched her plot so far and it was paced correctly so it would hook the readers' attention correctly, thus being a decently written character. Her status as a minor character isn't relevant to issue, because Oda has been consistent with his characters from the bottom to the top regarding payoffs.
Kishimoto, on the other hand, pretty much fed the pig with so much hype that, instead of tons of bacon, the pig just shitted on him. Obito's character and the reveal of Tobi, would make more sense much earlier in the manga, on the late 200's-early 300's, when the plot built around him was proportional to what became the payoff. Adding 300 more chapters on Obito simply made it go from proportional to a tasteless joke and Kishi simply didn't know how the handle the shitstorm incoming his way, so the justification to the asshatery was as bad as the asshatery itself.

But enough of that travesty, back to OP. Since I did not comment last week, I'll do it now: I hope there's more development for Monet (although I'm fairly certain there'll be, knowing Oda). Her characterization did not say fighter to me, so I'm not surprised in the least by Zoro slamming her by a large margin.

@apocalypz: not sure if sarcastic or not. If you are... bitch, please, don't belittle Moccha just because she's a minor character.

No bitch the chapter was MEH to me..that is my own opinion don't be a bitch and target others because you feel Mocha is an outstanding source of entertainment.
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