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Re: Since nagato is...

Originally Posted by Human Rasengan View Post
Madara himself called Nagato a Senju
Zetsu was the one that stated that. An asspull that has no explanation since Obito has already declared him an Uzumaki. The only reason it was even stated was for an explanation as to why Nagato could control the Gedou Mazou. It was also mentioned that, aside from Madara, Nagato was the ONLY PERSON that could control the Gedou and awaken the Rinnegan.

We have instances of uzumaki in the whirlpool country the leaf and amegakure
That was after the Whirlpool village was wiped out, and the clan scattered across the continent.

and proof that uzumaki left the land of eddies from long ago as with mito
We don't have a definitive timeline for the founding of Konoha, so "long ago" is an arbitrary construct that has no relevance to the argument.

and as recently as Kushina and Karin
Again, that was AFTER the village was wiped out and the clan remnants scattered.

It's common practice for kage and jinchuriki to share family relationships
To ensure the jink doesn't go rogue and betray the village. A weapon that can change the landscape like the bijuu needs to be tightly controlled.

and we even see examples of jinchuriki who were Kage ie Gaara and Yagura.
Relevance? Neither are Senju or Uzumaki.

When Mito was about to pass Kushina was brought to the leaf and Minato was wed to her.
"Minato was wed to her"? You make it sound like an arranged marriage. Minato was a nobody when they met

This is how control of the leaf went to Hiruzen.

Hashirama wasn't going to kill his wife she was to outlive him so he left the village in his brothers hands so he could protect the jinchuriki. Hiruzen was close to the first an second and entrusted with protecting Mito.
Or, and this is just a wild speculation (see also: shown in the manga), Hashirama and Tobirama were grooming Hiruzen, a genius of no small skill, to follow in their footsteps. And, by the way, Hashirama wasn't even around when Hiruzen became Hokage. Tobirama had already taken the mantle.

She is about to die and it's proven uzumaki can house a biju
No, it isn't. Kushina stated she had strong chakra, even for an Uzumaki, that made her perfect for becoming a host. Clan ties had nothing to do with it.

Minato and the Nikaze is a offshoot of senju
Why? Why make him related to the Senju? It makes it even more redundant than Naruto being Senju. Naruto is already descended from the Sage via his Uzumaki lineage, he doesn't need any more threads. It makes everything that much more convoluted for a manga targeted to early to late teens.

Obito steps in an naruto is the jinchuriki.
Naruto is a jink of convenience. He was exposed to Kurama's chakra during Kushina's pregnancy, and had a large chakra pool (which is a requirement of a host).

Off to find Tsunade to keep it in the family !
Except Tsunade wouldn't have been tracked down if Jiraiya felt he could have taken the title of Hokage. He was the one that suggested her because she is one of the "legendary Sannin" and grand daughter of the First Hokage. She has no familial ties to Naruto.

We know Naruto is an uzumaki and we knew Nagato was one as well. Madara stated Nagato was able to handle the rinnegan due to his senju lineage. Madara and Obito both have Senju DNA allowing them to operate the rinnegan
Madara and Zetsu both stated that Nagato was the only other person besides Madara to be able to awaken the Rinnegan and summon the Gedou Mazou. Senju DNA is only required for an Uchiha to control the Gedou, doesn't necessarily mean they get a Rinnegan.

Naruto uzumaki

Nagato uzumaki

Nagato ... Senju




Nagato... Senju

You're an idiot.
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