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Re: Naruto_609_Prediction_Thread

609 - Crisis in shinobi world

Kakashi and Naruto clone vs Obito battlefield

The scene shows Kakashi take battle stance as Naruto clone in bijuu mode is standing behind Kakashi. In front of Kakashi Obito is standing, exchanging glares with Kakashi with serious faces shown on both Kakashi and Obito faces.

Kakashi: Obito, your will and everything you wanted is here!
Obito: ...
Kakashi: The man behind me on my left side, Naruto. I passed on Naruto your will and even taught him new Shinobi rules.
Naruto clone: *So he is talking about that day*

Flashback after passing Genin Test
Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke: Sensei, but why did we pass your genin exam, if we didn't obey to shinobi rules?
Kakashi: In the ninja world, those who break the rules are trash, that's true, but those who abandon their comrades are worse than trash.
Flashback ends

Madara, Killer Bee, Naruto and Gai battlefield

The Sussano along with Madara inside is totally covered by explosion of Afternoon tiger. From close distance is seen Gai, Gai is heavy breathing and panting while standing on Hachibi head. The remains of green aura around Gai is slowly dissappearing as well as his pupils slowly appear back in his eyes.

Kakashi and Naruto clone vs Obito Battlefield
Obito: New shinobi rules, what do you mean, Kakashi?
Kakashi: The words which I once heard from my best friend and great hero of Konoha Obito Uchiha.
Obito: ?!
Kakashi: Yes I passed these words to my student, and these words created their ninja ways and makes them strong.
Obito: Do you mean?
Flashback of Obito and Kakashi beings youngs

Obito: Those who break the rules are trash, but those who abandon their comrades are worse than trash! If I'm going to be called trash either way, I'd rather break the rules! And if that somehow makes me anything less than a real shinobi, then I'll crush all of the so-called "real" shinobi!
Kakashi: ?!

Flashback ends

Kakashi: Those who break the rules are trash, but those who abandon their comrades are worse than trash!
Obito(with widden eyes): You still remember these words?!
Kakashi: How could I forget about them, they were told to me by my friend and konoha hero, Obito Uchiha.
Obito(look down on ground): Damn you, Kakashi ...

Elsewhere suddenly is heard explosion and everything in radius of 20 meters is blown away. Madara is shown unharmed with unentertaining face. Madara is slowly walking in Gai and Hachibi direction.

Killer bee, Gai and Naruto vs Madara battlefield

Madara(while closing to Gai and Killer Bee direction): Obito, don't tell me that these silly words are working on you.
Obito(from distance): NO..., it is not that...
Madara: Don't forget that your so called friend killed the girl you love in front of your own eyes.
Obito: ?!

Meanwhile Madara stops few meters away from Killer Bee and Gai direction.

Gai, Killer Bee: ?!
Madara: It was powerfull move to destroy Sussano stage 2, even although you attacked from backward. It makes me curious, how a weak fly as you can opose to my power.
Gai: ha, he...
Killer bee: because we are not goona fail, you fool!
Madara: such understimating words from worm, who attacked me from backward. I know why something like that happened. I was playing with you too much, now I will show you my wrath.

Gai: *This is wrong, I am in no condition to fight, only eight gate left me...*
Killer bee: *Man, we are in deep shit*
Hachibi: *I have to think about good plan, or we die soon"

Kakashi and Naruto clone vs Obito battlefield.

Kakashi ?! *so he was there and saw it, this is bad...*
Naruto clone: ?!, what?!, Kakashi couldn't kill someone, right Kakashi sensei?
Obito(show serious face): Right,you are bastard that killed a rin,you can't tell me what is wrong, wrong, besides you are trash.
Naruto clone: What he is talking about?
Kakashi(looks at Obito): Calm down, Naruto. Yes I killed Rin with my own chidori...
Obito(shock on face slowly changes to anger): ?! so what I saw that day was true?!
Kakashi: let's me explain first, then you can...
Obito(anger shown on face changes to serious ): No, it can't be true, but you just confirmed it Kakashi that you killed Rin.
Kakashi: judge me after my explanation, Obito.
Obito(becomes completly serious): Shut up, Kakashi. I don't need your explanation I just decided that your destiny is die now and from my hands!
Obito: I will remove all trashes from this world by creating new world with Mugen Tsyukomii.
Kakashi(shit I am in bad condition): ?!
Naruto clone: I am sorry Kakashi, but I can't assist you in this fight,(turns his face to Madara), Madara is going to be serious, so..
Kakashi: I understands, don't worry Naruto I will handle myself
Naruto clone(looks at Kakashi body): I know you are in no condition to fight, so I will give you my all chakra to let you restore your chakra.
Kakashi: ?!
Obito: ?!

Naruto clone put his hand on Kakashi arm as Naruto clone is glowing lighter and lighter while transfering all his chakra to Kakashi. In the begining Obito is suprised about this situation, but when he see that Kakashi get more and more chakra as Naruto clone is slowly dissappearing, changing completly in chakra that is transfered in Kakashi body. As Naruto clone completly was changed in chakra and then transfered into Kakashi body, Obito and Kakashi take battle stance.

Kakashi: I feel better now, I am suprised that you let me restore chakra...
Obito: I am not coward as you, besides I will punish you then slowly kill you after defeating you at full power, is that clear?
Kakashi: It is pain for me to fight with you, Obito, but I have to protect this world and you from ilussion world of peace you want to create.
Obito: Enough, of this blabering, now let's settle this in fight
Kakashi: Yeah

Madara vs Naruto, Obito and Gai Battlefield

Madara: Wood release: Wooden Dragon!
Killer bee and Gai: shit!

Madara claps both his hands as he shouts name of jutsu, then tree in shape of Dragon is comming from his hands in Gai and Killer bee direction. While Killer bee in Hachibi form and Gai try to move they are binded by surronding them roots comming from ground. Wooden Dragon wraps around Killer bee and Gai, then begin to squeeze them. Real Naruto is seeing it while he is kept by Wooden Dragon which almost completly changes to big tree with growing leafs on branches.

Naruto: Damn!, Let's me go fucking tree!

Naruto is trying to release himself from Wooden Dragon grip, but even in full tailed bijuu form he can release himself.

In Naruto inner World
Naruto: Kurama Do you know any way to defeat this wooden dragon?
Kurama: Naruto, Sadly there is no way for me to release from this jutsu, until it absorbs all my chakra.
Naruto: What?!, no, there must be way to escape or destroy this fucking tree!
Kurama: In the past Madara summoned me in fight against Hashirama Senjuu.
Naruto: and?
Kurama: Don't break me, Madara took control over me from begining so I didn't see to much, but when Hashirama breaks Madara control over me, I was furious and launched Tailed beast ball at him, so Hashirama created huge tree about my size which protected him from my bijuu dama, then he used this jutsu and created Gigant Multiple headed Wooden Dragon which wraps around me and was absorbing my chakra, until I was weak enough for his wife Mito Uzumaki to seal me.
Naruto: Damn, you had hard live, I feel sorry for you.
Kurama: Thanks, but no there is other matter which we have to worry about.
Naruto: Yes, This wooden Dragon is absorbing our chakra and don't stop until we won't be empty.
Kurama: Exactly. I can't do anything about it, because Wood release element is natural counter to our bijuu power, the same power which possesed Sage of six paths original and first user of Wood release.
Naruto: shit my helplessness makes me angry, so ?!
Kurama: what, did you get a idea ?!
Naruto: Yes, As I remeber, in one fight when we met Sasuke. He used lightining element against wood element Captain yamato.
Kurama: You, know Captain Yamato had only fraction of Hashirama wood element power. He lacks life energy of Hashirama and earlier Sage of six paths which makes Wood release that strong.
Naruto: I know, but we have to risk that method.
Kurama: But you don't have lightining element so ?
Naruto: I will use my wind element then.
Kurama: It could work,... ok. First we will concentrate more chakra and when we begin to emit more chakra you will automaticaly changes these great amount of my chakra and yours in powerfull wind.
Naruto: I get it, so we release powerfull wind in all directions using cutting abillity of wind element we destroys all Wooden Dragon!
Kurama: Exactly, now let's do it
Naruto: Yeah!
Normal World

Naruto: *Let's keep on my friends, I will not let you die!* HAAA!!!
Madara: ?!
Killer bee: Damn, this fucking tree absorbs almost all my chakra... *Naruto...*
Gai: I lost all my chakra and strength. *I hope Naruto will do something*

Naruto is concentrating more and more amount of chakra, as he is glowing lighter and lighter. Wooden Dragon reacts imedieatlly by growing faster and faster becoming big tree with bigger leaps.

Madara: Nine tails jinchurki, are you lost your mind?, you will only accelerate your defeat. Whatever I will finish your friends first.

Naruto(while panting a little): NO stop it, Madara!
Naruto: NOW!
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