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Re: Naruto_609_Prediction_Thread

Hope you like it

Naruto 609 : All out fight

Scene starts with Kakashi/Naruto vs Obito

Obito: Enough already!I'm tired of you Kakashi from now on no more talks just fight!

Kakashi: I was a failure on protecting Rin, now I'll do what I can to protect Naruto, I'm sorry Obito but from now on I'm not holding back anymore!

Kakashi: (thinking) I don't have much chakra left and I must avoid using the Mangekyo (reverts to three tomoe) but even if I can't use the Mangekyo I can still win if I think well

Obito: (thinking) He deactivated the Mangekyo!That means he's low on chakra that's a good thing for me

Kakashi immediatly appears under Obito and delivers a kick sending him flying

Obito: !!!Fast!What was that?

Kakashi: Taijutsu,thanks to the Sharingan I've copyed Guy's techniques

Immediatly he vanishes and appears behind Obito attempting to deliver a punch but Obito activates Kamui phasing through the punch.As soon as he phases he becomes tangible and attempts to kick Kakashi but the later simply blocks the kick with his hand by catching the leg and throws him to the ground.Then he envelops his hand with raiton and tries to slash Obito but the later simply phases through the ground

Kakashi: I must be very quick if I want to win this but first I should be careful from where he's going to appear

Obito is shown to appear behind Naruto

Obito: First to take care of you

Takes out a kunai and pierces Naruto through the heart but he goes on smoke

Obito: Then the real one is that which Madara is dealing with

Kakashi appears behind Obito woth his hand on raiton

Kakashi: Don't look away I'm your opponent!

Obito phases through the Raikiri

Kakashi: (thinking)Again!Wait!Yes, it should work but my chakra would decrease drasticaly

He tries again to stab Obito with raikiri in the Sharingan eye

Obito: Please, you're waisting chakra this way

He becomes untangible but the attack manages to take his eye.Panel focuses on Obitos shocked look

Obito: (on pain) Arg my eye!!!But how? (He has a realization when he sees Kakashi with his Mangekyo bleeding)

Obito: (thinking) I see,he opened a vortex with his Kamui and his hand managed to go on the other dimension and take my eye.

Kakashi: You can't use your sharingan anymore Obito, I smashed it with my raikiri (thinking)Now my chakra level is almost zero I dont have any option but now that he hasn't his sharingan anymore I don't need mine eather)

He puts down his eye patch covering the sharingan and takes a battle stance

Obito: (still in pain) I must admit, I didn't expect that, bravo Kakashi!But this is your end, you don't have much chakra left that's why you closed the sharingan.While I from the other hand have my rinnegan.

Kakashi: But you can't use it or can you?

Obito: ??? How did you...

Kakashi: At first I was afraid because I could think that you could use it but the truth is that your rinnegan is ocupied at the moment.That's right I saw it with my sharingan that you have a black rod impaled at your back and the rinnegan is connected with that rod with another one that is on the Mazou.Your rinnegan is busy controlling the mazou because otherwise it would go on a rampage

Obito: (with a expression between anger and surprise) Damn you Kakashi!Damn you!Fine, well settle this with the old way...

Starts making hand singns

Obito: Katon!Multiple fireball jutsu!

Three grand fireballs are moving toward Kakashi.He starts also doing hand signs

Kakashi:Suiton!Triple water dragon jutsu!

The dragons clash with the fireballs.The jutsus cancel each other making the aeria covered in mist.Obito is shown appearing behind Kakashi attempting to cut him with a kunai but Kakashi just turn around and blocks it with another kunai

Kakashi: Don't forget I have a sharp nose Obito.

He then kicks Obito sending him away.The mist starts vanoshing showing Obito standing up and laughing

Obito: hahaha...I admit you are strong but let me show you what I'm capable of.You see during this time I also developed at a kekkei-genkai (starts making handsigns)

Obito: Mokuton!Forest of piercing branches!

From the ground severas trees with spikes all over them emerge.Kakashi starts avoiding them by jumping between the trees but one of the spikes caught him in the left leg.He falls to the ground

Obito:I'm not as skilled as Madara or Hashirama but I can use basic Mokuton ninjutsu

Kakashi: ...paint... I'm impressed, you truly did become a powerfull shinobi

Obito: Well, this is rare a compliment from you, anyways I'm ending this right now

Obito impales Kakashi in the chest wit a kunai but as soon as the kunai pierces his body Kakahi explodes.Obito is shown with severe burn marks all over his body.Kakashi appears in front of him.

Kakashi: A Katon clone, it's very usefull sometimes.

Kakashi grabs Obito from his neck and sends a punch to his stomach sending him crashing to a tree.At that time he appears before him,uses strings to tie him to the tree and places a seal tag on him.

Obito: Chakra sealing tag...I guess you're going to kill me now.

Kakashi: Not before I show you the truth

Obito: ???!!!

Next: The truth revealed
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