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Re: Naruto_609_Prediction_Thread

Suddenly sound of clapping both hands begin to be heard and it is louder and louder. The all 5 kages turns their heads to hill, then fear is slowly appearing on their faces.

First Madara clone: Great work Tsunade, I will remember your name as first strong senjuu woman I met.
Second Madara clone: Your healing and regenerative power far suprass power of Hashirama, and you was even able to grow tree, amazing. You are
Third Madara clone: Our original was right to create us and left us there to check situation. You are worthy to inherit name of Senjuu clan
Fourth Madara: I am sorry that you were just almost revived, but now you will die again soon.

All Madara clones stop to clapping with both hands. They look at 5 kages with no expression.

Tsunade: ?!, bast...ard (coughs) ekh, he!, ah!
Onooki(makes serious face ): So you are there, Madara!
A(makes furious): Damn you!, you will pay me, Madara!
Gaara: you never know when stop!
Mei: This time, I will stop you!
Onooki: four of you, so I assume three clones and one original , so who from you is original one?!

as 5 Kages begin to shout and become furious, all Uchiha Madara clones begin to laugh louder and louder

First Madara clone: hahahahahaha, please don't make us laugh so hard next time.
Second Madara clone: Our original is no there, he went to face serious threat to our plan.
Third Madara clone: He couldn't loose his time with fools as you.
Fourth Madara clone: But he left us, to take care of you and to you don't feel abondened.

As 4 Kages hear Madara clones speaking, suprise appear on their face for moment but is fastly replaced with anger.

Tsunade: yo...u mons...ter, (turns her face to kages) I am beca...use I cou..ld fight along wit...h you. Farewell Onooki,A, Gaara and Mei...

Tsunade says her last words, then begin to close her eyse, finally fall her head on her left face as wind is waving her hairs.

All Madara clones: Rest in peace, Senjuu Tsunade ....

Onooki(turns his face to Tsunade): You are the best, only thank to you we get new chance to fight again against Madara, even if clone!
A: Tsunade Senjuu, you fight well. I will remember and reward you as hero after war!
Mei: Farewell Slug Priness Tsunade, you was the most beautifull.
Gaara: Tsunade Senjuu gave us chance to change and protect future, we can't fail.

Moment of silence occur then 4 kages turn their sight to Madara clones, who are looking at 4 kages with no emotion on their faces.

Onooki: We get new chance so we won't fail again!
A(listen Onooki speaking then turns his face to Madara clones):?!, There is no way I could fail as general leader of Aliiance shinobi, I will stop you!
Gaara: We will find way to defeat you.
Mei: I will use all strength of each cells in my body to stop you!

All Madara clones: Bring it on!

Madara all clones take battle stance as 4 Kages prepare to battle.

Elesewhere between forest and open place, All taka members and Orochimaru is shown at back profile as Alliance shonobi forces is showing yourself from forest.

Sasuke(smirks): heh

Mifune(stretch his hand straight at his left side): Stop now!
Kitsuchi: ?!*There is signal* Everyone, stop runing now!
Darui(Shout to everyone, who stop runing): there are someone, stop now and prepare to battle.
Everyone: alright

Rookies as shown, they are suprised and confused why they had to stop runing. Mifune notices man in dark hair and recognizes him as Sasuke.

Mifune: This is Sasuke, and his team probably.

The rookies: ?!
Sakura: Sasuke, but what he is doing there ?!

As Mifune points his sword at Sasuke, everyone form alliance shinobi take battle stance

Mifune: Give up Sasuke, you can't fight with us and win. You will respond for your actions.
Sasuke: that funny, I don't accept orders from anyone.
Mifune: So what is your decision ?!
Sasuke(actives Eternal Mangenkyou sharingan, then looks at Orochimaru): I want you to met my friends.(smirks)
Mifune: ?! *What he is gonna to do?!*
Sasuke(widden his ems eyes): hehe, Kotoamatsukami!

Suddenly Orochimaru begin to move slowly, then after few seconds he lift up his both hands and begin to do handseals as Mifune, Darui and Kitsuchi stare at them with suspense.

Mifune(try to recognize man standing on Sasuke left side in shadow): who is there?!, I can't recognize him.
Darui(turns his face to shinobi behind him for moment then turns back at Enemy direction): Everyone, begin to focus chakra and prepare to fight.
Kitsuchi: Earth element uses prepare chakra for great earth wall to protect everyone.
Earth elements shinobi: right!
Darui: lightining elements users prepare to counter Sasuke Kirin.
Lightining elements shinobi: alright!
Mifune: Waters elements users contentrate on underwater flowing under ground where Sasuke and rest is standing. Fire elements users shoot at them all your fire jutsu and use your fire to make kunai with explosion notes burn on my handsign. Wind elements users shoot all your wind jutsu at them, it let's increase power of fire. Rest of shinobi do what you can and fight with all your might!
Everyone: yes!!

Zoom on Orochimaru finish doing handseals, then he clap both his hands togehter as everyone try to recognize him or understands what he is up to.

Orochimaru(finish doing handseals): Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation !

Everyone: What ?!
random shinobi: Did he just said Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation ?!
Mifune: Shit, I didn't except that jutsu to be used against us!
Darui: this is bad!
Kitsuchi: damn, Earth release: iron cover!

All shinobi are looking with fear in their eyes as they notice many caskets begin to grow up from ground, while Kitsuchi is about to unleash powerfull earth jutsu, which cover all caskets by the hardest ingredient of earth iron itself.

What will happen next ?!
Will Kitsuchi jutsu stop caskets that caskets can't release summoned dead people.
What is Sasuke goona to do ?!

611 - Return of Edo Tensei

What do you think about my next prediction, should I continue or stop there, because this prediciton was wrong or I should fix my grammar and plot in prediciton.

Please give me your opinions in your comments , I would like to get bad or good opinion of everyone, so I know in what thing I should improve

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