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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Robert thinking: Dammit...that was hard. But i still have to deal with Yama, and my energies are low...i must finish this fight though...without resorting to that ability...but if there is no other choice i will use it!
He slowly gets up and gets in a battle stance.
Yama: That...was impressive. You managed to stop it. Amazing. I never expected something like this from you. But're almost out of energy. Your Azymus was drained by the sudden effort.*
Robert smiles: Don't worry about me...worry about yourself.
Yama: That should scare me, Robert? I'm sorry, but you are almost dead.*
Robert: I can still kill you! Blade of Athena! Judgement!!!
He fires again the wave like attack. But this time Yama doesn't bother to repel it. He simply deflects it with his bare hand!
The panel shows Darwin, Amadeus, Henry and Max taking cover behind the ruins of a former office building.
Darwin: Shit! Yama deflected Robert's last attack with his bare hand!
Mozart: Stoping those meteorites took almost everything...Robert's energies are low...we must do something!
Henry: Remember our duty, Amadeus! We must protect Max!
Mozart reveals his handgun: But if Yama kills Robert, what makes you think that we can survive his wrath?!? Let's go, guys! Let's offer Robert a moment to regain his powers!
Darwin as he takes out his own pistol: Dammit Mozart! Let's do it!
Henry reveals his blade: I'm going to get killed because of you, idiots! Max can you use that shield of yours?!?
Max: I can use it.
Henry: Good. Then you will come with us. Make sure to have our backs and block any attacks that the bastard might use!
The group of four man gets out in the opening.
The scene shows Robert. Yama just deflected with his bare hand, Robert's attack.
Robert thinking: Fuck! I'm almost out of power! My attack was so weak that it didn't even made him blink!
Yama suddenly appears exactly in front of Robert, slashing with his sword towards the latter's head. But he stops because he just received a bullet in the head. The bullet just rebounded from Yama's head, leaving no damage, but gave Robert the opportunity to retreat. Darwin is shown as the man who shot.
Darwin shouts at Yama: I almost got killed in Paris because of you bastard!*
Yama: Charles Darwin. This time you will die for real!!!
Yama appears next to Darwin and attempts to slash him too. But Henry jumps and parries the god's attack.*
Yama impressed: Amazing. Your blade is special since it managed to clash witn my Azymus sword and it didn't break!
Henry: It's made of Iridium. The rarest metal on Earth. Able to whitstand anything!
Yama: Let's put it to the test!
Yama clashes further with Henry. The former King of England shows much skill wielding the sword. He dodges, parries and attacks Yama with fluid but strong blows. He manages to push Yama behind a bit, but the god gets tired of sword fighting. Yama points a single finger towards Henry and shots a ray of fire. The beam pierces Henry's right leg. The man falls to the ground unable to stand. Yama comes near to him, ready to strike him down, but he is stoped again by an array of bullets sent by Darwin and Mozart. Yama turns around and spits from his mouth a giant fireball towards the duo. Just when Max appears in fromt of them, wielding his shield. He managed to block the fireball, thus saving Mozart and Darwin.
Yama: Enough...
He grabs Henry by his collar and throws him into Max. Henry hits Max and they both colapse on the ground. Yama then points two fingers at Darwin and Mozart. He hits them with the same attack that striked Henry. Darwin receives the blow in the shoulder, while Mozart takes it also in the leg. They both fall to the ground. Yama heads towards them.
Yama: It's time to end your lives...
But just as he is about to eliminate them, Robert appears behind Yama and impales him in the chest with his sword.
Robert: You left your guard down...Yama.
Yama turns his head and smiles: did it, Robert.
The impaled Yama vanishes in a burst of flames. Robert stares surprised. But his surprise last only for a moment, only to be replaced with shock. The real Yama appeared behind Robert and pierced his chest instead.*
Yama: You...are dead Robert. This blow is a fatal one.
Robert as he coughs blood: I'm sorry Yama Dharma...but you lost. Your life will end here...
Robert uses his remaining strenght to place two fingers on his own blade.*He whispers...
Robert: Bl...Blade..Of Athena...The Balance of Truth...
Suddenly the scene starts spinning with the two men. They instantly find themselves located in a different dimension. A giant balance made of gold appears in front of them. They are one next to eachother, both unscathed.
Yama shocked: What the hell is this?!?
Robert: My ultimate power...the Truth Balance. While we are in this dimension, you cannot attack me, kill me or harm me. I knew that you used a fire decoy. I set you a trap so you could impale me. I can use this ability only if the enemy impales me with his sword. Thus i can make contact with his Azymus through the sword and bring him here, with me.
Yama: But why are we here?!?
Robert: You will understand soon enough.
Suddenly a woman's voice is heard, but she is nowhere to be seen.
Woman: I am Athena. I will be the one who will judge you both today.
Yama shocked: Athena?!? What's going on?!?
Athena's voice: I am asking the questions Yama Dharma. You should answer if you don't want to die.Question one for you Robert.
Robert: I am listening, Athena.
Athena: Would you give your life for any of your comrades?
Robert: Yes. I would gladly die for any of them. If my life should help them survive in any way, i would gladly die.
Athena: The same question for you, Yama Dharma.
Yama: Of course that i would die for my comrades! What kind of question is that?!?
Athena: Question two. Robert...what do you think that is more important in life: love, or power?
Robert: Athena...i am a firm beliver that love can overcome anything. The power goes away as it came. Love, true love, never fades away.
Athena: What about you, Yama?
Yama: Love of course!
Athena: Good. Question number three. And the last one. you belive in Vishnu's vision? Are you aware that you will die if the Prophecy is fulfilled?
Robert: Yes Athena...i'm aware that i will die. But you see...we both kept living for such a long time...death will be a sweet end for both me and Vishnu. He used to be my master. He taught me everything i know. I admire him. I belive in him. I belive in his dream. I belive in his love for the mankind. He is not doing this to gain something for himself. He is trying to offer the mankind a new era...a new life. And i will stand next to him until the very end...because he is like a brother to me and i love him like a brother!
Athena: Good. Now, you belive that the Gods should survive? Should reign over the human kind for the eternity?
Yama: Of course! We are the ones that are adored by them! We have received these gifts of power that nobody else has! Why should we die?!? *Anyway, i don't understand this game of yours Robert! Let me out of this dimension right now!
Athena's voice: Let me explain, Yama. The Balance of Truth helds the power to let one to live and kill the other one. I am your judge. I ask three questions. If you're honest with your answers, you will live. If you lie, you will die. The balance will show which one of you will die and which one of you will live on.*
Yama: I's a game of chance even for you Robert...this ability of yours is amazing. Athena doesn't care who the user is, she just wants her sacrifice. It's amazing how you managed to seal her inside the sword and use her like your personal pet.
Athena: Silence. Now...Robert has said the truth while answering all the questions. Yama answered only the last question in a sincere manner. He lied when he said that he would give his life for a comrade and he lied about love. He belives that power is the most important. With those said...
The balance is shown tilting in Robert's favour. Yama looks confused at what happend.
Robert turns around and faces Yama: I'm sorry Yama. You are dead...
The dimension starts spinning with them once again, throwing them back into Geneva.
The panel shows Robert in front of Yama. Yama is standing on his knees coughing a lot of blood.
Robert: This is your end, Yama Dharma. This is the power of my Secundo. You are the first one to witness it. You should be proud. Athena drained all your Azymus, back in that dimension. Without your Azymus, you will die in a couple of moments. Also, she heals the one that said the truth. So, your blow had no effect on me. I was aiming for that since the moment i used up all my energy to block your attack. It was my only chance of defeating you.*
Yama struggles to get up but he doesn't manage. He coughs blood one more time and then falls on his back. His eyes are wide open in shock.
Yama's last words: Death...comes as a sweet end...huh...
Robert looks at him with sadness: Farewell...Yama Dharma...
Suddenly Robert gets a shocked expression as he just sensed something.*
Darwim notices.
Darwin: What's wrong?
Robert as throws a diamond on the ground: Something terrible is about to happen! I can feel it! I must go!
Mozart: But where too?!?
Robert: Vienna! And i must do it fast! Max, you're coming with me! Charles, Henry, Amadeus you should stay here!*
Robert releases from his palm a part of his energy into the diamond. Almost instantly he vanishes with Max.
Mozart: What could be so important?
Darwin: I don't know...but Robert never acted like this...something big must be happening as we speak...
Henry: Probably something bigger than anything else...
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