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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The Dark General: Are you scared of me? Of my presence?*
Leonardo obviously shaked: No. We are not. Why would we be? We are your allied.
The Dark General: Indeed. Initially i thought about killing you too, but you could be useful to me in a way or another.
Suddenly a bright blue light is seen. Robert and Max appear on the battlefield.
Robert as he looks at spots the Dark General and his ruined castle: Oh no...
The Dark General turns around and looks at Robert.
The Dark General: Well, well. Why are you here Robert? To stop me?
Robert as he starts walking towards Vishnu: Actually, i'm here to join you. I think that we could use your...abilties. We are going to have our final showdown with the gods soon. And obviously you can do much more than Claude can.*
The Dark General: You really mean that Robert?
Robert: Of course. It's time for you to rise once again, General.
Robert stops exactly in front of him and looks at the General.
Robert: So? What do you say?
The Dark General smiles.
The Dark General: You are devious, Robert. Don't you think that i know what you're trying to do at this very moment?
Robert: I am not trying to do anything.
The Dark General: You are trying to seal me. Again. I know you.*
Robert puts his hands in a praying manner and kneels in front of the General.
Robert: Belive me when i tell you...i am not trying to do anything...
The General looks at Robert shocked that he kneeled in front of him. And just at that very moment, a branch emerges behind the General and impales him in the chest. But it's not a regular branch. It's a branch made of green energy. Robert's Azymus.*
Robert shouts: Blade of Athena! Sealing manifestation!
The green energy made branch, starts pouring it's Azymus inside Claude's body. Slowly, his clothes change their appearence, becaming white. Claude loses his conscious and falls to the ground.
Robert with a relieved voice: It's's over...Claude returned to his regular state.
Leonardo, Arinasa, Max, Harry and Isaac gather around Robert.
Isaac: Robert...what was this?!?
Robert: it was a small manifestation of the Dark General. A tiny portion of Claude's dark Azymus took over him.*
Harry: A tiny portion?!? That's what a tiny portion can do?!?
Robert: Yeah...if a much larger portion would have been released...we wouldn't be here talking anymore.
Arinasa: And what did you do to him?!?
Robert: I sealed back in his body that portion. He taught me how to do it a long time ago. He is not harmed, but he will wake up in a couple of hours.
Max: And now what?
Robert with a concerned face: We are in trouble now. The Dark General's appearence cannot escape the eyes of the Beyonders. They might send a messenger once again. We need to move. And fast. I left Charles, Amadeus and Henry back in Geneva. I came here as fast as i could.
Leonardo: But how did you know?
Robert: Claude applied a seal on me. If he ever went rogue again, the seal would alert me. He also modified a hologram diamond to teleport me to him right away. We prepared for this moment.*
Isaac: But what were you doing in Geneva?*
Robert: You are not the only ones who had some company today. I was stoped there, by Yama Dharma.
Harry smiling anticipating the result: And? What happend?
Robert smiles with superiority: I killed the bastard!
Leonardo: Tremendous! We took down two of their most powerful fighters in a single day!
Robert: Yeah...we did...but the question is now...what was the cost?*
Arinasa: I'm tired of these talks. Robert...where should we go now?
Robert: Obviously we cannot stay in Vienna anymore. We shall head for Istanbul. I have a friend there...we should be safe!
Arinasa: And how are we supposed to get there? Claude is unconcious. We cannot explain that at an airport or costums.
Robert smiles as he takes out of his pocket a phone: Do you really think that itmwill be a problem? This is one of the advantages of being immortal.myou have access to unlimited resources!

The scene shows the lost city of the Sultans. The capital of a former empire. An universe teaming with life. A city divided between traditions and inovations. Istanbul...

Istanbul.*The Topkapı Palace.*

The man slowly opens his eyes. He is sitting in a giant imperial bed. Light strikes his eyes. A huge window is near the bed. He looks at his left. Nobody. He looks at his right. And he sees a young, beautiful woman standing there.*

Claude: Where...where am I? What happend?
Arinasa hearing him speak, jumps from her chair and hugs him.
Arinasa: You idiot! Never do that again!
Claude: I don't understand...what happend?*
Robert enters the room.
Robert: Your blade was broken. Sciffer got breaked by Shiva, during your battle. That's what happend.
Claude shocked: I remember now...i descended into Azymus was kept in check by Sciffer...the moment that Shiva destroyed it, it unbalanced my inner energies. Thus, i becamed the Dark General...
Robert: Luckly, only a fraction of your power got released. I managed to seal it back.
Claude: What about Shiva?
Robert: You took him out. You slashed him in half.*
Claude: I understand...what happend to you, Robert?
Robert: Yama attacked me while i was in Geneva.*
Claude: And?
Robert: He is no longer with us.*
Claude smiles: Well done. But...we might have bigger problems now...
Robert: I know. That's why i brought you here.*
Claude: Where are we?
Robert: Istanbul. The only place where the Beyonders cannot reach you.
Claude smiles: I see...clever. Where exactly in Istanbul are we?
Suddenly a man enters the room. He is wearing a long red robe, enhanced with gold and precious stones. He has a short beard, he is almost bald. What strikes about him are his blue piercing eyes. He is around 40 years old.
Unknown man:*The Topkapı Palace. That's where you are. Lord Vishnu...
Claude: I should have thought that you were here.
Unknown man: Where else should i be? This is my palace.
Robert: Arinasa...i don't think that you have met our friend here...Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent!

The panel shows the Beyonder's separate dimension.

Jesus: The move has been made. Vishnu used a fraction of his dark energy and released the personality of the Dark General for a couple of moments. A week has passed. We must do it now.
Moses: He didn't used it consciously. He was pushed to do it.
Amaterasu: It doesn't matter anymore. He is good as dead.*
Mohammed: There is only one problem. His former apprentice, Robert...thought about everything. Currently they are in Istanbul. The only place where he is beyond our reach.
Buddha: Indeed. He has escaped...for now.
Jesus: He is outside our reach because you won't allow us, Mohammed to reach him.
Mohammed: I have made a vow when i became a Beyonder. Nobody but me will have permission to operate in that city. Thus, no Beyonder but me can manifest his powers in Istanbul, but me. And i also vowed to never kill someone there. Unfortunately, they are one move ahead of us.
Jesus: That leaves me no choice. I will use the Celestials. They will find a way to get him out of that city. And when that happens...we will strike.
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