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Re: Naruto_609_Prediction_Thread

A continuation of my first prediction

Naruto 610 : The truth revealed

Scene starts with Kakashi and Obito

Kakashi: I presume you were there when I killed Rin,right Obito?

Obito: Yes,I was there,but I could not believe what I saw...I never thought that you would be the one to kill her Kakashi...

Kakashi: Obito,it's true, I killed her and I think every day of what I did that day,but there was a reason why I did it... she asked me to do it.

Obito: ???What?But why?

Kakashi: Let me explain the whole story

---Flashback begins---

Scene shows Rin caught by Mist ninjas.They are on a large room.

Ninja 1: Well,shall we begin with the jutsu?

Ninja 2: Have you checked if she is compatiable?

Ninja 3: The blood example that we got from her was pozitive on the test.

Rin: What will you do to me?

Ninja 2: Experiments my dear.You see we seek to make perfect ninja with unlimited chakra.As you know the Mizukage is a jinchuriki so we took some of his chakra and we will seal it inside you.This way we will make mini-jinchuriki ninja that will have unlimited chakra and will obey to the Mizukage.

Rin: You're insane!What if I can't controll the chakra?

Ninja 1: Then we will be forced to kill you like we did with the others

Rin: The others?

Ninja 3: You're the 15 subject.All of the previous failed and were killed because if they would lose control more that they had they would end up destroying everything

Ninja 1: Enough talking.Let's begin.

One of the ninjas brings a pot with sealing tags over it.The other ninja moves the tags and opens the pot.He makes handsigns and places the hand over the chakra.The chakra begins to concentrate on his palm.Then he goes near Rin

Ninja 1: Sealing technique!Pentagram seal!

He places his palm on Rin's stomach and the chakra begins to go inside her.After some minutes the procedure finishes but Rin faints from the pain.

Ninja 3: Did it succed?

Ninja 2: I don't know but until now seems okay...

Ninja 1: Wake up girl...

Rin slowly starts to wake up.

Ninja 1: We did it!She didn't lose control.

As he is about to touch Rin she lets out a huge roar creating a huge shockwawe sending the ninjes back.

Ninja 1:What power!And to think she can control it...

Rin manages to free herself and then she creates a chakra hand.She punches the wall and a giant hole was made.She goes through the hole and she finds herself in a large hall where there are cells.She then spotsone man standing on a cell

Rin: Kakashi!!!

She frees him and gets out with him

Kakashi: Rin...What happened?What is this chakra comming out from you?

Rin: Let me explain...

Scene shows the Mizukage's office.A messenges walks in

Ninja: Lord Mizukage!The experiment was a succes!

Jagura: Good!

Ninja: But there is one problem...The girl managed to get free and got with her the other comrade

Jagura: Send after them 20 Anbu!Don't let her escape!Even if she dies take her body!She is our Guinea Pig!Go!Now!

Ninja: Yes!!!

Scene shows Rin and Kakashi on a forest

Rin: And thats is all...

Kakashi: To think that they would go this far...anyway I'm surprised as well that you can control the power

Rin stops near a lake

Kakashi: Whats the matter?

Rin: Kakashi...I am losing control...It looks different but from the inside the chakra is taking over my body.I will go on a rampage soon...

Kakashi: ...What now...

Rin: (as tears start rolling from her eyes) You must kill me,if you will not I don't know what will happen...I might end up destroying everything

Kakashi: (shocked)No!No!No!!!I promised him!

Rin: Kakashi...Obito would agree.It's my life against milion others.Now harry I can't control it anymore...(chakra starts emmiting from her body)

Kakashi: (lifts his eyepatch showing the sharingan and starts making a Chidori) Rin...I'm sorry I couldn't protect you... (tears start rolling) Obito...I truly am a failure...please forgive me

The scene only shows a large mass of blood.Then it shows Rin's body impaled in the chest by Kakashi.

---Flashback ends---

Kakashi: This is the truth...

Obito: (thinking) He isn't lying...I can tell from his face.

Obito: But they didn't tell me about this.

Kakashi: Who?

Obito: Zetsu.He had his clones watching you two all the time only if... (he has a realization expression on his face and then a angered look) Madara...He planned this all along!He manipulated me when I was mentally destroyed!

Kakashi: (releases Obito from sealing tag and chains) Now what will you do?

Obito: (serious look) Madara...He is going to die today by my hands.But first I will stop the Mazou.

Obito: (makes handsigns) Rinnegan!Technique release!

Nothing happens

Obito: Why???

???: It's quite simple

They turn and scene shows Madara with Rinnegan

Madara: I was hearing your little chat and I made some preparations in case of this.

Obito: You manipulated me!

Madara: I needed someone to carry on my plans...You were just a mere tool.

Kakashi: If you're there that means!!!Where are the others.

Madara: They even didn't notice that they are fighting a clone.

???: You think

Naruto appears like a flash but injured

Madara: Very impressive to take out my wood clone

Naruto: You will think that when I will kill you!

Obito: Naruto I have a plan...listen

Naruto: ???

Obito: We can't beat him now,he is strong then the only way to beat him is to seal his body

Kakashi: But how?We aren't even getting close to him

Obito:Not this body,the original body.

Kakashi: ???Explain...

Obito: As you know the Edo Tensei uses a random body that there is applied the dead ones blood so that the actual body will take his form and soul.So I think that if we seal the original body this one would dissapear too...

Kakashi: Yes,it makes sense

Obito: Naruto take this (gives him a piece of paper) This is the location of his original body.Take Killer Bee,his sealing ink jutsu will seal the body.

Naruto: What about you guys?

Obito: We will occupie Madara.And one more think...When you will be there 3 enemies will be protecting the body.You will have to take care of them.Now GO!!!

Naruto: Yes! (dissapears on a flash of light)

Kakashi: What enermies?

Obito: Three special Zetsu that Madara originaly created to protect his body...But Naruto can handle them.After all he is senseis kid

Kakashi: (smiles then makes a serious face) Now to take care of trash..

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