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Re: Citizens from 15 states have filed petitions to secede from the United States

Originally Posted by kluang View Post

My suggestion. Keep new York and Florida. get rid of the others

That's actually a really bad idea kluang. If you look at it economically, and which states contribute to the GDP through manufacturing means and not through the financial sector (investing and big banks), you would want to keep the rest of the states and get rid of New York and Florida.

Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Georiga, Alabama, and Kentucky have the largest non-union workforces in the manufacturing sector (95% of all of your foreign car manufacturers are located in these states as well as their suppliers).

I've always heard rumors about the Cascadia states (including the northern part of Idaho and part of Montana) threatening to file petition to secede. What baffles me is that New Jersey and New York are in this list. What doesn't surprise me is that this happens after every election. I remember during 2004 after the Bush/Kerry election, there were petitions going through the colleges in MS to have the state secede by the local Democrat student groups. Don't know to which states this notion expanded to, but it's not surprising.
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